One thought on “Looking for AWESOME speakers for the International Happiness at Work Conference”

  1. Hey Alexander, A big Hello :)
    I am fulsmita and I work as People’s expert with one of the startup(Get My Parking) in India. I am 28 years old with 5 years of professional experience. I started my career as Software Developer (I am an Engineer by degree). After working for 2 years in the software profile I realised my potential lies elsewhere and then I moved in the Human resource department. I started my HR career with a small startup in 2015 with 4 member in the team. Currently we are one of the Hot startup in India with 85 in the team. I love to eat sleep work People’s Department. I focus in Happiness at workplace and wish to make the happiness department as one of the most crucial for every organisation in the globe.
    I came across happiness @work conference and wish to be a speaker for the same. My professional experience with People is definitely much lesser then the list of speakers who comes for the conference, but I promise to bring out the best out there with all I have experienced so far. I believe I am a great at what I do.
    PS : I am definitely inspired by your blog

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