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Alexander KjerulfI was tagged by Peggy Andrews at The Career Encouragement Blog to tell the world 8 random things about me.

I am more than happy to oblige. Here are 8 random things few people know (and even fewer want to know) about me :o)

  1. I loooooove sci-fi in books, movies and TV. Firefly, Dune, Neuromancer, The Matrix, Cryptonomicon, Heroes, The Stainless Steel Rat, Lost, the Vorkosigan books, The Dresden Files (the books, NOT the TV show), Blade Runner, the Alien movies … you name it.
  2. I go to the movies 1-2 times a week on average. Last movie I saw: Planet Terror (Grindhouse Vol. 2). It’s utterly disgusting and it rocks :o)
  3. I love design. In many ways, how a thing looks is more important to me than how well it works. I bought my motorcycle not for its performance or durability – but because it’s pretty.
  4. 2-3 times a week, I teach aerobics in Scandinaviaís largest fitness chain. Thatís right – I get paid to exercise :o)
  5. Iím half Greek, half Danish; was born in Tunisia; lived in Spain as a small child; grew up in Denmark.
  6. Iím a certified laughter instructor. I took a course in laughter yoga with the Indian doctor who invented them, which means I know how to get groups of people to laugh at absolutely nothing.
  7. I read. A lot. At any given time, Iím reading 3-5 different books. I canít go to sleep at night without something to read.
  8. I recently took up a new hobby. Wakeboarding. MAN, that’s a lot of fun. If the weather wasn’t so bad in Copenhagen these days, I’d be there every day :o) See below!

My new hobby: Wakeboarding at the Copenhagen Cable Park. Watch the end of the video for my grand finale:

I’m supposed to pass this on to 8 people, but I’ll limit myself and pass the tag on to:

Overheard in my favorite Caf

EarMost mornings I sit in my friendly neighborhood cafť and read email and blog (I wrote about why here) – a habit that has its clear advantages. Not only is the coffee great and the people nice, occasionally the entertainment is also top-notch.

Such as yesterday, when I overheard this conversation between two young women at the next table discussing a recent vacation:

“Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of the Khmer Rouge?”

“I’ve heard about Moulin Rouge!”

Kids today – they get it

DogA commenter on my friend Bjarne’s blog tells this story:

Not long ago my youngest son told me “I’ll do anything for money!”

“OK, ” I said “I’ll give you 20 kroner ($4) to pick up the dog poo in the garden.”

“Yuck!!” the kid said, “there’s no way I’m taking a sh*t job like that!”

Kids today – there’s no way they’ll grow up and work jobs that don’t make them happy. That’s why companies today need to shape up and become great workplaces – or they’ll only ever be able to hire old, crotchety types who accept the idea of spending their days in unpleasant or just mediocre workplaces.

I’m telling ya – the future belongs to the happy!

In assorted news, I’m in the Danish media these days. I posted a link to this story at the fine Truthteller blog about a company that hired a happiness manager, and was interviewed for a couple of articles AND live on national radio. Cool :o) Article, article. The radio interview is not available on line yet, I’ll post a link later.

Also, I’m still here – I’ve just found myself very busy this week. There are some good posts coming (including one on the top 10 things managers do that makes employees unhappy) as soon as I get my blogging mojo back :o)

5 things you probably don’t know about me

Jodee Bock, author of the excellent book The 100% Factor, tagged me for a game of 5 things you don’t know about me. So here are five not commonly known factoids about me:

1: 2-3 times a week, I teach aerobics in Scandinavia’s largest fitness chain. That’s right – I get paid to exercise :o)

2: I’m half Greek, half Danish; was born in Tunisia; lived in Spain as a small child; grew up in Denmark.

3: I may be the only person in the world who doesn’t like chocolate. Seriously – it tastes awful to me…

4: I’m a certified laughter instructor. I took a course in laughter exercises with the Indian doctor who invented them, which means I know how to get groups of people to laugh at absolutely nothing.

5: I’m a voracious reader. At any given time, I’m reading 3-5 different books. I can’t go to sleep at night, without something to read.

The Economist cramps my style

Here’s the author photo I had taken for my book about happiness at work:

Alexander Kjerulf

It was taken by Rune Heickendorf who takes some amazingly great pictures.

And now my friend Lars alerts me to the cover of the new issue of The Economist:

The Economist on happiness

How much do you think I should sue them for?

Seriously: It’s great to see how happiness is becoming a central theme in economics. There’s a growing realization that once your basic needs are covered, more money does not make you any happier. Therefore it makes sense for societies, politicians and economists to focus more on maximizing a nation’s happiness instead of its GDP. For a great book on that, read Richard Layard’s excellent book Happines – lessons from a new science.

Friday links

Happy cupHere are a few great recent links about happiness at work. And a silly one.

I almost destroyed a life today. “I wasnít raised to be such an arrogant, uncompassionate son of a bitch but I somehow managed to get there.”

Confesstions of a (reformed) bad boss. ďWhen I was in my 30s, and an up-and-coming executive, I took pride in the fact that I would travel to New York on a flight at seven, [fly] back at 11 and be back in the office at seven. The fact that someone had children to take to school, I just thought: Well, get organized, man!???

Motivation = celebration + appreciation. “If you can find a way to appreciate yourself for what youíve already accomplished, and to celebrate your previous successes, you will find you are ‘magically’ motivated to accomplish more.”

Bad english from around the world. Including ” Order your summers suit. Because is big rush we will execute customers in strict rotation” from a Rhodes tailor and “Drop your trousers here for best results” from a Bangkok dry cleaners.

Enjoy, and have a grrrrreat weekend :o)