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Blog Action Day

blog action day

I was contacted by the nice people who run blog action day and asked if I would like to participate – and of course I would.

The idea is simple: On one date, October 15th, all participating blogs will blog about one topic – the environment.

If you have a blog, why not be a part of this – 1400 blogs have joined so far, this is going to be massive :o)

And what, I hear you ask, does the environment have to do with happiness at work? Lots, I tell you. Many companies are finding, that when they change their business to be more environmentally sustainable, their employees experience a growing sense of pride in the company – leading to more happiness at work.

These companies also find, interestingly, that customers become proud to place their business there and become more loyal – and that consequently the company makes more money.

Two great examples are:
1: Interface (the world’s largest carpet manufacturer) who produced a line of environmentally friendly carpets that, even though they were more expensive than their regular products, became their best selling product.

Ray Anderson, the CEO of Interface, had a rude awakening about the way his company had been polluting, saying:

It dawned on me that they way I’d been running Interface is the way of the plunderer. Plundering something that is not mine, something that belongs to every creature on earth.

So I said to myself “My goodness, some day people like me will end up in jail.”

2: Patagonia who make outdoor wear and mountain climbing gear and who donate 1% of their revenue or 10% of their profits, whichever is greater, to environmental causes chosen by their employees.

Much more on October 15th.


CreteI’m enjoying a week’s wonderful vacation in Greece. We’re talking warm weather, lots of sights, great beaches and time with my family and wonderful girlfriend. Wooo-hoooo!

In the meantime, why not check out the happy links collection, where you can:

  • Find great links, stories and blogposts about happiness at work
  • Vote on the stories you like
  • Submit your own stories or links about happiness at work

There are lots of great stories on there already – and more are always welcome :o)

Go to the Happy At Work Link Collection.

Tagged: Five reasons why I blog

My Office
My “office” – a friendly, neighborhood, wifi-enabled café where I sit and blog most mornings.

Dave over at the excellent The Disquiet blog has asked me why I blog. And that is a great question.

I started blogging 4 years ago, have written over 1000 posts, and the blog became insanely popular last year in May. At the outset, I had no plans or goals with blogging, and I blogged about both personal and business themes.

Since the blog became I hit, I’ve tightened the focus, and now I only blog about happiness at work. I feel I wouldn’t be serving my readers properly, if I suddenly started writing about the movie I saw last night or the latest episode of Lost :o)

Anyway, here are my five main reasons for blogging.

1: It makes me happy
Blogging makes me happy for many reasons. First of all, the pride of having written a great blogpost. That feels goooooood. I always blog in café (here’s a picture of my “office”), and many are the times I’ve left the place after a good morning’s writing, totally high on having created something I’m proud of.

Then there’s the pleasure of giving. Knowing that I can help people all over the world out, and give them ideas and inspiration. That’s the one thing I like the most about blogging – that it’s very much a gift economy. And that the more each of us give, the more we get.

2: My blog is my spare brain
Increasingly, my blog is my spare brain. When I find a great quote, blogpost, article, idea I post it to the blog or to my link collection. And I often search my own blog for “you know, that article where that guy said that thing about that company.”

3: To sell by giving
My blog is also my professional website. This is how companies find me and hire me to speak and consult. And MAN does that ever work.

4: To find playmates
Here’s a funny story. Way back in 2003, Fast Company mentioned this woman called Traci Fenton who works with organizational democracy. I wrote this blogpost about it. Some weeks later Traci Googled herself, found my blogpost and contacted me. We found that organizational democracy and happiness at work are intimately connected and that we work for almost exactly the same things in the workplace. I’ve since spoken at two of her conferences in Washington DC, Traci has visited me in Copenhagen and we’ve become great friends.

And stuff like that happens more and more.

As a kid, I could just leave the house, go out on the street and instantly find playmates. As an adult, it’s not quite that easy. The blog is a great way to find playmates.

5: To make people happy at work
Well, duh! :o)

Big news: Happy links

HappyI’ve been absent from my blog for a couple of days – things have been crazy busy here at Happiness HQ. I’ve been selling and doing speaking gigs like crazy – in fact I have another one in 3 hours, so this will be a brief message.

Anyway, I’m back and I’ve got great news: I’ve added a new feature to the blog called (so far, until we come up with a better name) Happy Links.

It’s a place where you can discover and vote on great stories, links and blogposts about happiness at work. You can also submit great stuff that you’ve found or created. There are some great articles on there already.

Go check it out and let me know what you think.

Once a week I will do a sort of resume of the week’s stories and take the highest rated stories and post links to them on the blog itself – just to tie the whole thing together. Whaddayathink?

Review: Sumo Omni bean bag chair

Sumo OmniA while back I got an email from Andrew at Sumo, asking me if I would review their bean bag chair for the blog.

I struggled with the question for a while. On the one hand I was afraid to sell out. Could I maintain my integrity in the face of free stuff? On the other hand: “Yaaay, free stuff!”

I accepted and my Sumo Omni arrived two weeks ago.

Alexander KjerulfI’ve been thoroughly testing it and the verdict is in: It’s an insanely comfortable piece of furniture. My favorite position is to lean it against a wall and sit there with my a laptop, as I’m sitting right now writing this. It works even better if you can out your feet up on something.

The material is cool to the touch even when you’ve been sitting in it for a while and the bag strikes just the right balance between firm and squishy. Also: The thing is huge! Further testing found that it is fine for two people watching a DVD together. Or, say, an episode or two of Dexter.

If anything, the damn thing is too comfortable – I don’t really want to get up out of it.

When they ship the Omni overseas, they do it without filling, so I had to order 400 liters of those little plastic pellets on line. This is what such a package looks like:

Bean bag pellets

And let me tell ya: They do look at your strangely at the post office when you pick up those kinds of parcels.

Sumo OttoMy dream: Make a meeting room where all the walls are whiteboards and the only furniture is bean bag chairs in various sizes. The Omni and it’s smaller cousin The Otto would be perfect for this.

Most popular posts of 2006

102006 was a spectacular year for my blog. Huge(!) numbers of visitors and traffic. I’ve had to talk to my internet provider several times to increase my traffic quota.

As always, some posts get way more attention than others. Here’s a list of my top 10 hits of 2006:

I’ve been thinking a little about what’s made the blog such a success. The main factor has to be that I’ve found a way to make writing fun. If I don’t have fun writing, my writing is no good. That, and

A Whole Lotta Thank-Yous

Thank you!As the year wraps up, it’s a natural time to think back and be grateful. And I have more than ever to be grateful for.

In fact, there is one thing I want to say.

To the 500.000 people who have visited my blog this year for giving me impetus and a drive to blog more and better.

To the thousands of people who have commented on posts for giving me feedback, ideas, questions and challenges.

To the hundreds of people who have given me feedback on my book for helping me make it so good.

To my wonderful girlfriend and my amazing family for loving me.

To my clients for paying me to do what I love.

To everyone who’s read and/or bought my book for giving the book a reason to exist.

To my playmates all over the world for playing.

To everyone who’s contributed, given me advice and helped me out for confirming what we all should know: That the world is a wonderful place and people are amazingly generous.

To all of you, I want to say:

A Million Thank-You’s.
Click that link and count’em.

I wish you an amazingly happy 2007!