5 tips to stay happy at work even when you’re very busy

Yesterday we had our latest webinar – this one was on staying happy even when you’re busy at work. You can watch the whole thing here:

Get the slides right here.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments. And if you have ever tried being busy AND happy at the same time, please tell us what made that possible.

The Woohoo Partner Program is now OPEN


Yesterday we pushed the big red “LAUNCH” button and invited the first 15 partners from around the world onto our new Partner Program. We currently have partners in Denmark, Norway, Australia, UK, USA, Turkey, Argentina and South Africa.

The Partner Program teaches you everything we know about creating happier workplaces. It’s aimed at external consultants who want to sell their services and internal consultants (e.g. HR) who can use the tools internally in their workplace.

There’s an insane amount of material in there, including 13,5 hours of video – with more coming.

Want to joins us? Read all about it here.

Catch me in Miami in May

WorldBlu Summit
I’ll be speaking at the WorldBlu Freedom at Work Summit, which is May 18-20 in Miami. How awesome is that :)

By the way – if you have half a chance, you should absolutely go to this conference. I’ve been to every single one of the WorldBlu events and they are the best business conferences I know of anywhere in the world.

They’re about creating workplaces that are based on freedom instead of control and the speakers always blow my mind. Also, the other participants are incredibly interesting and inspiring people.

Read more and get your tickets here.

The CEO who made pancakes

From the workshop

A few weeks ago I did a workshop for a pharmaceutical company in Iceland called Medis as part of their 30 year anniversary and strategy kick-off. As you can see, they kinda liked it :) The guy in the front row in the blue suit is their CEO Valur Ragnarsson.

Now, as we all know a workshop itself changes nothing so we always work with our clients to come up with a plan that will actually make a difference in the workplace. As part of that plan, I challenged Valur to come up with something he could do that would be fun, easy and visible – just to show people that he is committed to creating a happy workplace.

And a few days later he sent me these pics where he’s making fresh waffles and pancakes for his employees:

medis 1

medis 3medis 2What an awesome idea :)

I asked Valur how he liked the experience and here’s what he said:

I thoroughly enjoyed it – the biggest joy I actually got out of observing the reaction of the colleagues !

FYI we did not announce anything but simply showed up in the corridor without notice and took people pleasantly bysurprise….. now it will boil down to a plan and team supporting this (which we have in place already btw).

The only problem was that the smoke alarm kept going off, so they had to temporarily disable it :)

medis 4

Well done, Valur!

Just to be clear: We’re not saying that you can turn an unhappy workplace into a happy one, by having the CEO make pancakes :)

What we’re saying is that upper management can support the process of creating a happy workplace by doing something fun and unexpected that shows employees that they are committed to the goal and willing to go a little bit outside of their comfort zone.

Free webinar: How to stay happy when things get busy

Are people in your workplace busy? Dumb question, right – everyone is these days.

Here are the results of one US study from 2005:

  • 26% of employees were overworked often or very often in the last month
  • 27% were overwhelmed by how much work they had to do often or very often in the last month
  • 29% often or very often didn’t have time to step back and process or reflect on the work they were doing during the last month

And this was 10 years ago – indications are that it’s only gotten worse since.

This constant busyness is not only making us unhappy and stressed at work, it’s also hurting performance and keeping us form doing our best possible work.

Join our next free webinar to learn what we can do about it. Topics include:

  • The negative effects of constant busyness on our happiness at work.
  • Why overwork is not the answer and in fact usually makes things worse.
  • Why we need time for reflection and learning at work.
  • How some people end up convincing themselves they’re busy when really they’re not.
  • How to create a workplace where people are happy even when they’re busy.

Date and time: Wednesday March 4th at noon US East coast time / 9am pacific time / 5pm GMT / 6pm Central European time.

Over 250 people signed up for our last webinar and just like that one, this one will be short (only 30 minutes) and punchy. We will get to the point quickly and leave you with new information and tools you can actually use.

The webinar will be held live on our youtube channel, so there is no login needed and no software to install. If you can watch youtube, you can join. There will be a chance to ask questions via chat.

Sign up right here:

The Woohoo Partner Program is open for business

woohoo partners logo

Over the years I’ve been getting countless emails from people all over the world saying essentially the same thing:

“I love what you’re doing – is there any way I can be part of it?”

So far the answer has always been “Sorry, no” but starting today the answer is “HELL YEAH!” because the Woohoo Partner Program is now open for business!

The basic idea is simple: You can get access to all of the materials that we have created and refined over the years with clients like LEGO, Microsoft, IKEA and Shell and use them to  go create happy workplaces.

You can use all of these materials as an external consultant with your clients or you can use them internally with employees, managers and teams inside your organization to make it a happier workplace.

We’re already working with our first partners in Istanbul to help them make Turkish workplaces happier.

Here’s a short video introducing the program:

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. Our dream is to have hundreds of partners all over the world united in a vibrant, generous, passionate community working towards the vision of a world where happiness at work is the rule and not the exception.

Read all about the Woohoo Partner Program here and let me know if you have any questions.

UPDATE: We announced the program 2 days ago and we already have applications from potential partners in Denmark, Norway, USA, Australia, Argentina, Turkey and South Africa. Keep’em coming – we want more partners from these countries and all over the world!