Book review: The thin book of appreciative inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is an extremely effective and fun method for introducing positive change. It bases itself on the assumption that improvement can be achieved by focusing on the positive and doing more of that. Normally when we try to improve something, we do the opposite. We focus on what doesn’t work, and try do less of that. AI (as it’s known) is just as effective – and a lot more fun.

This book is a (as the name suggests) a concise how-to guide to AI.

The book contains enough info to get you started using AI. The method itself is really simple and self-organizing, so you don’t need that much.

On the other hand you can find almost as much information on AI on the net, so that’s another option, if you don’t want to wait for the book to ship. Here are a few AI resources that I like:
What is AI
AI resources

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