Rule #1

I’m currently reading “Built to Last” by Jim Collins, which examines 15 really great companies and compares them to 15 good (but not legendary) companies to find the practices that separates great from good.

At one point, the book mentions Nordstroms personnel handbook. Where other companies have inch-thick employee handbooks, Nordstroms is a 5″ by 8″ card that says something like “Welcome to Nordstroms, we’re glad to have you with us.” It the goes to say:
Nordstrom Rules
Rule #1: In all situations, use your good judgement.
There will be no additional rules.

I really, REALLY like that.

3 thoughts on “Rule #1”

  1. Yeah keep it simple… I couldn’t agree more. BTW I really like your site and visit it often. Keep up the good work! c",)

  2. Why, thank you.

    It is my deep conviction that treating people as if they can’t be trusted is a self-fullfilling prophecy. Whereas setting them free to do their jobs wihtout too much red tape will allow employees to reach more of their potential.

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