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I’m currently putting together a two-hour session on change. One of the hot topics in management today is change management, and I would argue that you can’t manage change if you don’t understand change. So I’m looking at change from a lot of different angles right now: Science, philosophy, common sense, psychology, biology etc…

And then somebody pointed me towards Bruce Mau’s An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, and while I may not agree with all of it, it certainly stimulated my thinking on growth. And of course growth and change are, if not identical, then at least related. Here’s my favourite bit from the manifesto:
2. Forget about good. Good is a known quantity. Good is what we all agree on. Growth is not necessarily good. Growth is an exploration of unlit recesses that may or may not yield to our research. As long as you stick to good you?ll never have real growth.

7 thoughts on “Manifesto for growth”

  1. Alex,

    I enjoyed the book immensely and got a lot out of it. I hereby subscribe to being crazy-psyched about work. I’m game.

    The only way to be.

    -Hank Foss

  2. We are path ready and happy driven to be HAPPY in work and flourish it in our EXTRAORDINARY FOOD STORE. I would like to sign up for the manifesto!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I liked your book and learned a lot. What you started is a noble work.

  4. Itīs a greatfull work youīve done about our routines of job.

    I feel it so different an so equal at the same time, working in Brazil, where Iīm from: different because the way we are habituted to work here is the so crazy and american way of crazy dog job, and so equal because itīs much creative, and talks a lot of brazilian people, that is a very happy people, and workers here are very honest, but donīt like their jobs because the way of its management.

    The feeling is to be so proud and very VERY HAPPY that we have in the world people that thinks and manages the way that we like to follow, but sometimes we donīt know how to pursue. I confess that my life has only bettered when i turned in a public server in my country, but before, i was so explored in job. At many many times i thought that only a good job would be found in Denmark, Norway or Sweden – countries that i admire too much and have a will to stay.

    So, with all this direction, now i know to follow pursuing the dream of wake up at 5:30am with all my energy and think that my job and my colleagues are so precious to be with them.

    Thank you Alex,
    The Lord bless you, your family, your dogs, cats, parrots, blouses, pants, shoes…etc etc etc… Nice to meet you!!!!

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