Book review: Love is the killer app

A killer app is an idea so good, that it simply has to spread. Something so necessary and basic, that you have to adopt it. And according to this book by Tim Sanders, Love is just that.

I admire people who dare to use the word love in a business setting, and to stick it in the title of the book is down-right gutsy. What’s more, I agree completely. Love is a powerful force in all aspects of life, including business. Here’s what Tim sanders believes you should do to become a lovecat, ie. someone who uses love for business success:
1: Learn and share your knowledge
2: Grow and share your network
3: Show compassion

See a trend here? This is about giving. About sharing. About focusing on others instead of only on yourself. Tim Sanders shared some of these tips in an excellent article in Fast Company.

As for learning, Tim Sanders recommends reading a lot of books, and sharing that knowledge. What’s important is that you should share not to get something back as in quid pro quo, but simply for the joy of sharing. And while this may seem naive in a business setting, he argues (and I agree 110%), that it IS good for business. This will build your personal brand, and give you lots of goodwill in many circles.

As for reading books and sharing that knowledge, I’m there, baby.

Same thing for sharing networks. If you know two people who might benefit from knowing each other bring them together and get out of the way. Again without any expectation of reward og benefit. As for showing compassion in business, this means showing people that you like them. Words, gestures, appreciation or even hugs – whatever you deem appropriate.

I’m convinced that what Sanders argues works – that it is both more fun and better business sense than the greed-based philosophy espoused by the like of Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas’ character in the movie Wall Street). There’s something inherently healthy and powerful about working for something more than just your personal gain. This does not have to mean putting your own goals aside, quite the contrary. Doing something for others may often be the best and most fun way of achieving your own goals.

This is how we work in the happy at work project. We’re convinced, that the more we can give away, the more we can get back. We approach every project with an attitude of generosity and so far it has served us extremely well and has gotten us benefits we could never have achieced on our own. Not to mention immense personal and professional satisfaction :o)

So why don’t you try it: Become a lovecat – there’s room for many more.

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