Chief Happiness Officer

Just as every company needs a CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, etc., I believe every company should have a CHO – a Chief Happiness Officer. Most businesses today are not competitive if they can’t keep their employees happy since happy people tend to:

  • Work more efficiently
  • Learn faster
  • Give better service
  • Produce better quality
  • Take fewer sick days
  • Function better in teams

In fact, I challenge you to name just one area in which unhappy employees outperform happy ones. One!

The economy is critical to the business, so the CFO is in charge of that. Information systems are too, hence the CIO. So put a CHO in charge of happiness. Somebody who cares for people and recognizes that work today is one of the most important factors contributing to (or detracting from) people’s happiness.

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  1. This page has become a weekly event in my stressed working week, enlightening and spreading positive vibes. Thank you!

    Would you mind rating your top 10 of places/companies that make for happy employees?

    That would be interesting……

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