Ethical balance sheet

Bank manager Hans Erik Brønserud explains the reasoning behind the ethical balance sheet his bank does in addition to the normal balance sheet:

First and foremost this has given us a tool, which gives us a unique opportunity to sense how our stakeholders view us and what we do. Every year we get specific feedback on whether we are in agreement with our customers, employees and community, and the tables and graphs instantly show us if we’re slacking in any area.

But all of this knowledge makes no difference if we in management don’t take in the signals and correct the things that aren’t working optimally, and this we’ve chosen to do since the very first ethical balance sheet.

BTW, I’m thrilled by their mission statement:

1) We must treat our customers in a way that keeps them coming back and makes them mention on favourably to people who aren’t yet customers with us.

2) We must treat our employees in a way that makes them look forward to coming to work every day and be proud to mention where they work.

3) We must make enough money to keep fulfilling the first 2

Read the entire article (in danish)

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