Startup vs. corporate

Kathy Sierra nails it yet again with a laugh-out-loud funny list of differences between the startup and the corporate mindset.

I added a few examples of my own in the comments:

Startup Corporate
When we screw up Admit it, apologize, fix it, compensate customers, move on. Hide it. When that fails, blame the customers.
Meetings Fun, chaotic, everyone is heard. The boss talks, you listen.
When you disagree with management You’re valued. You’re fired.
Work-time Whatever works for you 9-5. On paper. In reality: 9-9.
Having children Congratulations! Come back in 6 months. Or when you’re ready. Are you sure you want to jeopardize your career?
When you succeed The whole company celebrates with you. “Employee of the month” certificate.

2 thoughts on “Startup vs. corporate”

  1. Kathy is awesome.

    I really like your additions.

    How about this one for still more examples.

    When you quit:
    Startup – you’re treated like a graduate who will take what you learned here and used it for good
    Corporation – you’re treated like a traitor, “how dare you leave!” or you’re treated like a moron, “how stupid are you to leave”

  2. Heh, great one. I just thought of these:

    Startup: Make them up as we go.
    Corporate:Delivered from on high on stone tablets.

    Startup: Whatever you want, whenever you need it.
    Corporate: Centrally mandated training schedule.

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