Take back politics

Reboot the votePolitics is too important to leave to politicians.

Politics has become a threat to democracy. Distrust of politicians, cynicism, apathy and plummeting voter turnout are just some of the symptoms.

We have created a situation where a very small fraction of the population formulate policies and the rest limit their participation to voting every 4 years or so. And it’s not working!

We must create a political process that allows you and me anyone else who feels passionate about some issue to gain direct political influence.

The tools exist: The internet, modern forms of organization, open source principles, meetup-meetings.

And the advantage would be obvious: A nation in which people consider themselves an active part of society. Where you can proudly say “I make a positive difference.”

I’ve written a manifesto on a completely new approach to politics. It outlines an organization which is formally a political party and can function and run in elections like any other party, but which works internally unlike any other party on the face of the planet.

Imagine a party where:

  • Anyone can be a member regardless of their political position
  • Policies are not decided top-down by a small group of political leaders but bottom-up by every member of the party
  • The heroes are not the smoothest talkers but the best listeners
  • The party platform is a wiki-site that anyone can edit – just like Wikipedia
  • Heterogeneous groups of people work together to create a bettter future for their society

We’re starting to do it right here in Denmark, and you can read the manifesto here. It’s ony available in Danish so far, but if enough people lean on me I may translate it to English.

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