Free presentation: Festival In The Workplace

EuroGELAs a warm-up event to the EuroGEL conference, Roosevelt Finlayson of the Bahamas and I will be doing a presentation titled Festival In The Workplace.

Roosevelt has been asking himself two simple questions:

  1. Why is it that many people around the world are demotivated and listless at work but when the time comes for the local carnival they work hard, tirelessly and for no pay to prepare it?
  2. How can we get some of the motivation, energy and happiness of the carnivals into our wokplaces?

Roosevelt has created a unique business concept called Festival In The Workplace and together we will do a presentation why festivals create happiness and results in businesses. This will be a unique event, giving you insight into the festival traditions of the Caribbean and South America and how they can be applied in the workplace. There will be music and videos from the Bahamas Junkanoo Festival and plenty of real-life case stories.

The practical details
The event is thursday august 31st from 4pm to 6pm. It’s at Caf Enter, Guldbergsgade 29 in Copenhagen (right next to the movie theatre Empire Bio). It’s in english and it’s free to participate. Send me an email if you’d like to be there but hurry – we only have room for 40 people.

7 thoughts on “Free presentation: Festival In The Workplace”

  1. People work hard on festival because it is their festival. They own their festival.

    The common crock that an employee should work like they own their job falls apart when they don’t own anything at work, otherwise known as at will employment.

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  3. Lee: I think you put your finger on the central issue, which also explains why many workplaces are unhappy: People are feeling disenfranchised rather than included. Telling people to act like owners when they’re not is indeed a crock.

    eepiphanies: Mmmm.. funnel cakes…

    Mark: Thought you’d like it :o)

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