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Happy ducks (and blogs)Here are my favorite blogs that talk about happiness at work. Enjoy!

The Lazy Way to Success
Excellent blog by Fred Gratzon on why hard work is overrated and laziness is a much better path to success.

Creating passionate users
One of the best blogs out there in any category, and many of Kathy Sierra’s ideas on creating passionate users apply equally to creating passionate workplaces.

Work Matters
Great thinking from Bob Sutton on leadership and organization.

The Play Ethic
About play at work and in schools.

Bernie deKoven’s FunLog
A great, great blog about play.

Slow Leadership
Excellent thinking on a much healthier and sounder form of leadership.

Traci Fenton’s groundbreaking thinking on democracy in the workplace.

This company works with stories to create change and seem to keep one eye on happiness at all times.

Happiness & Public Policy
On happiness in society in general.

Have I missed any? Write a comment if you know a good blog about happiness at work!

Added Here We Are. Now What?
Terry Seamon blogs on leadership, work, change and more.

Also added The Performance & Talent Management Blog
Max Goldman’s great blog at successfactors.com.

And I can’t believe I forgot Make it great
Where Phil Gerbyshak challenges us all to make it a great day rather than merely a good one!

8 thoughts on “Happy at work blogs”

  1. Thank you very much!

    I already knew some blogs of this list, but many of them I didn’t know and are very interesting – and, of course, your blog is the best. :-)

    Thank you for so many interesting material and be sure that I will buy your book when it reaches the stores!

    Happinnes and success!

  2. Hi Alex ! Today I met my dream ! I wanted to be a teacher for joy at work! A dream ? You succed! Just tell me more for that. I wrote a book too, in french whose tite is My job, from fear to pleasure. It will be nice to speak about.. I just need to find how to translate my blog into english!

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