Help me name my book about happiness at work

Happy at work bookMy book about happiness at work is practically done and is coming out in November. I’m revising the text one last time and I’m really, really happy with it.

I had a meeting monday with Palle Schmidt who is going to illustrate it throughout. Palle is a great artist (you can see his work here – click under “gallerier”) and is really good at illustrating business concepts. The incredibly talented designer Lone Orum will create a beautiful cover and design the inside of the book so it will look not just good but grrrrreat!

There’s just one, tiny, insignificant detail missing: A title! I really suck at coming up with names (always have) and the best I’ve been able to come up with so far is “Happy At Work Now”. Surely we can do better!

What do you think I should call the book? I need a title and a catch-phrase, as in The Seven-Day Weekend – Changing The Way Work Works. I also like that title because it immediately evokes a positive image of what the book is about.

The book is of course about happiness at work. What it is, why it matters and how we can get it. The book is for anyone who has a job and anyone who wants one. You can read all about it (and even read the first draft of it) here.

Help me out here – I really need some ideas. Write a comment if you have any suggestion!

35 thoughts on “Help me name my book about happiness at work”

  1. Hmmm…

    How about HAPPY WORKDAY (followed by a clarifying phrase). A google search for that phrase doesn’t come up with much (a play produced in Estonia). there are only 157 hits, so that is a fairly rare title. Short, clear… it flows off the tongue well, and plays on “happy birthday.” The trick is coming up with the tag-on phrase!

  2. I’d stick with “Chief Happiness Officer:” plus a tagline. It creates an instantly powerful image

    Some rough brainstorming (without having read the book-which I will do)
    Chief Happiness Officer: Making work play
    Becoming the Chief Happiness Officer: …
    Chief Happiness Officer: Making work serious play
    Chief Happiness Officer: An invitation to creating joy at work

  3. Here are the Titles I come up to:
    (from all the ones listed, the first line is the main tittle, the rest is the complementary part)

    “Workday = Delight”
    Guidelines for happiness at work

    “Life = Hapiness = work?”
    If it’s part of your life,
    why not be part of your hapiness

    “The happy workday syndrome”
    Achieve a happy state of mind at work

    “Happiness at work”
    Oil and water do mix after all

    Of one of my titles is the winner, I want to write the preface ;-D

  4. I’ve always liked wuzzles (Word Puzzles). They’re fun and engaging just like work ought to be.

    So I suggest something like this “Put the Wonufrk”

    People will wonder what “Wornufrk” is until they realize that it means “Put the Fun Back in Work”

  5. As always, the questioner has the answer:

    “[H]appiness at work. What it is, why it matters and how we can get it.”

    Low snarkiness quotient, eye-catching title (“Happiness at *my* job?”), not so cute as to trigger diabetic reaction.

  6. happiness@work (Gerardo said Happiness at work first, but I always like using the @ symbol. He gets all the credit :)

    Wisdom from the CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) – Work and happiness aren’t mutually exclusive

    The Lost Art of Happiness @ Work (Wisdom from the CHO: Chief Happiness Officer)

    The One Step to Success: Happiness @ Work

    Fourty Hours a Week: Working Less, Producing More, and Being Happy with what You do.

    If I think of more, I’ll be back!

  7. How about:

    How to love Monday mornings and the rest of the week

    Finding Happiness in the meeitngs and paper clips

    The Secrets to Happiness At Work – from the wisdom of a CHO

    “I wish I did spend more time at the office”
    Confessions of a happy employee on his deathbed

    I Love my job!!!!!!

  8. Hi Alexander:

    how about

    Happy at work? – (How) you can put (say, use) this words in the same sentence

    Sorry, engllish is not my native language…

    By wich Publishing House your book will be launched?

  9. Hi Alexander,
    My native language is not English either, but here are some of my proposals:

    “Don’t worry, be happy”
    “Happiness works”
    “Are you happy now?”
    “Work happens”
    “Working happiness”
    “The Joy of Work” (after a music book series “the Joy of Jazz”, “The Joy of Ragtime”, etc.)
    “Enjoy work”

    I have looked at the words “happy” and “happiness” so often now that I no longer see words, only syllables in a silly combination. The Dutch word “hap” means one bite (of food) so I start feeling hungry now.

  10. I would mean that “Positive Sharing” is the obvious. Maybe Positive Sharing @ Work or something could work. And it relates to the website aswell, which I guess is the inspiration for the book..

    And a few more uniqe hits will also find its way here I suppose :-)

  11. English is not my first language. Here we go:

    “The C-Level Evolution: Lessons from the Chief Happiness Officer”

    And if there is room for a suggestion on the cover art as well, I’d make it either dark gray or black, in which you could see a bunch of sad people. Right in the middle of that crowd stands out a smiley, positive and vibrating person. Guess who? The CHO him/herself.

    Personal differentiation, personal competitive advantage in the market place. Irresistible for those who want to stand out in the middle of the sameness of the market.

    That was my 2 cent contrib. Good luck! I’ll buy your book.

  12. “You just screw up, don’t you!”
    What you think. I think people will see it, they will like “Wow. The book talks to me”. I love this impact because ur book is like a friend giving to reader on a guide toward happiness.

    If your books published, please send one to me. I love your blogs.

  13. There is quite a good suggestions. Some more help may get more input. Any Word/Character count limit?

    My suggestions:
    1) Happy Business
    2) Haw Haw Haw! (Happiness at Work)

  14. I like the previous suggestion of ‘Happy hours’, maybe expanded to ‘Happy hour is from 9 to 5: From the desk of the Chief Happiness Officer’.

    Or hype the book by promising the wildest things: ‘Happy at work: How to boost your career by loving your job’, alternatively ‘Happy at work: How to turn your job into a job you love’.

    Another tactic is to look at the wonderful Dilbert book titles and say something that is opposite but equally wonderful. For inspiration and discussion, I include some of my favourite Scott Adams titles:
    – This Week I Achieved Unprecedented Levels of Unverifiable Productivity
    – Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies
    – Dilbert: The Joy of Work [close hit]
    – Another Day In Cubicle Paradise [dang he thought of it first]

  15. The legend of the happy employee : A tale of office adventure

    Happiness is the new black

    How to achieve joy of work without really trying

    Make me happy : A new battlecry for employees everywhere

    The Zen of Work

    A cubicle of ultimate happiness : How to make work fun

  16. How about:

    Make fun work
    Make fun work for you
    Joy on the job
    Have a happy day at the office
    Happy days at the office
    Make happiness happen at the office
    Make your (work)day

  17. I really like the idea of the “9 – 5 Happy hour” suggested by Lars and PJ

    Perhaps you should mention profit in the subtitle as that’ll grab the attention of most business types.

    “Happy Hour from 9 – 5: How to increase happiness and boost profits”

  18. It has already been suggested, but I intensely like:
    “Happiness at Work – Work on your happiness”
    .. because this also implies that you put an effort into a happy worklife.

    Perhaps also:
    “Happiness at Work – My pleasure!”

    “Happiness at Work – it pays (off)” ;)

  19. I like the idea of using Chief Happiness Officer in the title. I also think it would be a good idea to look at titles on business books / books on management topics, and borrow some ideas there, to appeal to business people and executives.

    For example:

    Managing Happiness – the Chief Happiness Officer’s guide to happiness at work

    Best of luck!


  20. I’ve been wondering how to embrace both employees and managers in the same title. I quite agree with Fleejay that mentioning profits could attract business readers, but on the other hand some employees may be put off that way? I didn’t find an answer to that question, though..!

    Myself, I really like “Happiness Works” and “Happy workday!” and taglines like ” – for you and for them”, ” – for you and for the profits”, or ” – boost welfare and profits”

    Apart from that I’ve been thinking of:
    Become their Chief Happiness Officer!
    Be your own Chief Happiness Officer!
    Become your own Chief Happiness Officer!

    Good luck!

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