First reviews of Happy Hour is 9 to 5

Happy Hour is 9 to 5The first reviews from readers of my just-published book about happiness at work Happy Hour is 9 to 5 are coming in and people seem to love it. Yaaaaay!

Sheldon Cooke says:
“…by far one of the most refreshing books on work culture that Iíve ever seen.”

Lars Pind says:
“I just purchased my copy, and itís looking really goodÖ Itís easily worth the $19 price tag for the PDF version.

stic writes:
“…the tips & tricks and recommendations will certainly take you closer to this euphoria.”

Read all about the book, read it free online and buy it here.

If you’ve read it, you can also add your own review.

One thought on “First reviews of Happy Hour is 9 to 5”

  1. Yeah … uh … hey, any chance you could send over 11 copies? I’d like to have my entire department review it. ;)

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