The great Christmas blogger book give-away

Alexander KjerulfI will celebrate Christmas and the new year here on the blog by celebrating the blogging community.

I’ve been blogging for almost four years and blogging has given me energy, inspiration, new friends, feedback and help.

The spirit of blogging is, in my opinion, generosity. Therefore, it would give me great pleasure to give away 100 pdf-copies of my new book on happiness at work to the first 100 bloggers who ask for one.

Happy Hour is 9 to 5Here are the rules:

  1. If you’re a blogger and would like a copy of the book in pdf, sign up by leaving a comment on this post. Make sure to enter both your email and the URL of your blog in the appropriate fields. I will (of course) not save or abuse your email in any way.

There are no further rules!

I wish you a spectacular Christmas!

UPDATE: I’m flabbergasted!! In less than 24 hours 100 bloggers signed up to get a copy. Thanks to each and every one. I’ll mail the book out later today.

UPDATE UPDATE: I mailed out the books at 6PM GMT Friday. If you signed up and the book doesn’t show up in your inbox soon there may be a problem with the email address in your comment. Send me a mail and I’ll re-send it to you.

118 thoughts on “The great Christmas blogger book give-away”

  1. I would love to put in my name for a free .pdf copy of your new book. My blog “Compensation Force” features practical news, information, tips and musings about employee performance and rewards. Thanks for this offer – and best wishes for the holidays!

  2. I would love a pdf copy of your new book! I love reading your blog. I’ve linked to my personal blog here but it’s not concentrated on a work-related field but just a general update for my friends and family.


  3. I will really like to have the final PDF copy of your book. I also appreciated one of my comments in your book. I talked to my boss early this week and I told him that his great management ideas have been published in a book. He was honored. I can wait!! :) Merry Xmas

  4. Hi Alex,

    of course I’d be more than happy to get a copy of your happiness manual! I’ve been following your blog for weeks since I’m sure that being a regular reader makes me a better leader.

    Best regards and happy holidays,

  5. I would love a copy of your new book! I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and have been motivated by your interactive nature with readers and the progress you’ve made. Not to mention all the great ideas!

    My blog started out as a way to capture my experiences working with a personal life coach to help get me motivated, enjoy work more, and regain my passion for a creative life. The results amazed my coach and myself in that I accomplished all my goals early.

    I learned much from my own studies of coaching and this experience. I try to bring those learnings into my daily worklife any way I can, spreading positive thoughts and unique attempts to shake people up to realize we can have fun at work. I think your book would be a great read!

    Thanks and have a fantastic holiday season and a new year that brings you more joy than you thought possible!

    – Albert

  6. Would love a copy — I’ve been going the protest route of dealing with work — you’ve shifted my thinking to embracing @work and choosing to be happy.

  7. Alex: I love your blog. Very inspirational. You provide some fabulous ideas for inspiring people. I would also love a copy of your book.

    Please keep it up and thank you for all of your work and knowledge.

  8. I’d love a copy of the book. I’ve been meaning to read it since you posted it; even wanted to come up with some interview questions, but my life has been busy since I’m in the process of leaving a job that made me desparately unhappy!

  9. This is a great give-away – Christmas or otherwise.

    My blog “All Things Quality” ( deals mainly with issues for Software Quality Assurance people, but often touches on larger workplace issues as well.

    I read your blog often, and look forward to seeing your collected wisdom in one PDF.

  10. Alex~

    Ohhh, Ohhh…pick me pick me!!

    I want one! I LOVE unexpected Christmas goodies. Thanks Alex so much for spreading the goodness thru the blogoshpere and beyond.

    I love sharing your posts with the PMP community as you bring peace, happiness, and passion back to the office.

    Can’t wait to read the goodness and recommend it to my readers.

    Best to you and yours this happy hour season,
    Kammie K.:)

  11. I would love a copy! By the way, I really like the title and cover design … great job. May you have many 9 TO 5 happy hours in 2007. Thanks so much. Joan

  12. I would like a copy of your book. My blog is general purpose, including book reviews. I certainly need to learn something about being happy at work!

  13. hi alex yes please! i’d love to read your book… seeing that your blog is (and has been since i discovered it) my favourite blog of all time! :) looking forward to applying some happiness to my workplace in 2007! victoire

  14. Hi Alex,

    I would love to get a copy of your book as a pdf-file.

    Have a nice christmas time
    and a happy new year,

    best wishes


  15. I have just started reading the on-line version and so far it is great.

    I would love a PDF copy to keep on my laptop just as a reference.

    Best wishes,


  16. Hey, I’m always good for a freebie! Not that my blog is particularly active or interesting, but I did review the “beta” copy of the PDF (but not in time to give feedback, sorry!), and am very interested in the final product.

    I’m tempted to order a copy of the hard-copy just to leave (anonymously) on my CEO’s desk…

  17. I’d love a PDF copy of the book.

    It’s an LJ, not a blog qua blog – do you have a standard for how bloggy a blog must be? :-)

  18. 47th? 50th? Hope another 50 people didn’t jump in front of me.

    I’d love a copy Alex.

    2007 needs to be the year of Arbejdsgl

  19. I would love to read that book! I have been following your site for a while now and try to incorporate something from here everyday.

  20. I love your blog, it inspires me to make my office a better and happier place to work in. My blog is personal in nature, for friends and family, but I have been thinking about blogging for my business as well. Just have to decide what I want it to be.

    I look forward to reading your book!


  21. Hi Alex,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the past year. Your theme of happiness at work is a nice motif that fits well with my focus of improving our processes here at work. The ideas you’ve given us and the thoughts you’ve shared have helped to give me inspiration to pursue my happiness at work by making my work place a better environment for me and my colleges. Thanks for you generosity and thanks for you insights.

    Merry Christmas,

  22. I would love a copy. I have recently started a new business and your blog has inspired me to try and make work happy for my employees as well as myself!
    Merry Christmas!

  23. Hi Alexander,
    I’m a long time listener, first time caller. Since I stumbled upon your blog, I’ve taken a long hard look at my work and have managed to go from liking my job to loving it, simply by changing the way that I think. A copy of your book would still be useful :-)


  24. I would love to read your book. The Career Encouragement Blog is daily encouragement for your career journey, wherever you are on the path.

    Merry Christmas!

  25. Hi Alex,

    I have your blog in my Google Reader what means I’m actually reading it :)

    .. and that’s also why I’d really like to see your book.

    Have a great Christmas!

  26. Alex,

    Happy Holidays to you as well. Thanks for the give-away. It is a terrific idea! I love your website’s energy and ease of use. Looking forward to reading the new book, too.

    Keep up the great work!

    Happy New Years.

  27. Thanks for your inspiring book. I come to this blog yesterday and read your book online since then. I really interested in happiness at work. I want to be a CHO.

    Merry Christmas!

  28. Thanks in advance for the advice on work happiness. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use it in the new year.

    Happy Holidays…

  29. I would love a copy. I’ve been reading books about Happiness ever since Bertrand Russell’s Conquest of Happiness about 30 years ago and I would love to read yours!

    Thanks and Happy Christmas!


  30. Love to have a read of your book !! Let me energize with it and start the new year with lot more of enthu than 06′. Awaiting your copy of the book

  31. Im new to your blog but as soon asI arrived Ur giving me ur book to me !! What a way to start !!

  32. Im going to enter corporate world in short time and this book will make me feel same as now – Student !!!

  33. I’ve been reading this blog and passing quite a few of the inspirational posts and links to other sites up to my boss as our department has been passing through some tough times- its helped keep our spirits up and attitudes ‘appropriate’.

  34. I’ve been reading this blog and passing quite a few of the inspirational posts and links to other sites up to my boss as our department has been passing through some tough times- its helped keep our spirits up and attitudes ‘appropriate’. I’d love a copy.

  35. Alexander!

    I just got to know about your blog from one of my friends and think just getting to know your blog exists is a wonderful christmas gift. But getting the PDF copy of your book will be even better! ;)

    Keep up the great work!

  36. i already zipped thru your free browser based version of the book – and i have already shared it with a couple of friends in office.

    would love to get the pdf version too – since free is never enough ;)

    PS: should i count if i am within the hundred :) – i hope i am

  37. I would love a copy! I’m helping train two new managers right now and for one of them, happy employees is NOT a priority. I’d love to introduce them to your work in hopes of changing their minds!

  38. I’ve only recently come across the site, but have enjoyed the read. I really enjoyed the regular Monday Tip’s. Would be great to have a copy of the book to read!

    Hope you have a great time at Christmas. Thank you for your inspiration so far.

  39. Wuhuuu… comming here just in time (there is already 92 comments).

    I’m really looking forward to read your book. Thank you.

  40. Hi Alexander, Just stepped in from Nirmala’s blog here. First time out here! And I guess I am fortunate to be still in time! Thanks for this wonderful gesture and I would really love to get my hands on the PDF!

    Merry X-Mas and best wishes for a great new year ahead!


  41. Hi Alex.
    Congrats on the book, it looks really good and I’ve been looking forward reading it. I decided on buying it on my next walk through an airport, but an early pdf version would be great! Thanks so much.

    God jul / gle

  42. Your book sounds like a definite winner and a fine addition to any business book collection. All my best on your book sales and the continued success of your great blog.

    All my best for 2007. Make it your best year yet!

  43. Perhaps the 100th? I would love to write about your book in my blog here in Czech Republic, if I get one :D

    Keep yourself happy and best wishes for the new year!

  44. I’m flabbergasted, people. In less than 24 hours, 100 people signed up to get a copy of the book.

    Thank you very much. I’ll be mailing out the book later today!

    And thanks also for all the kind words you wrote – I’ve been smiling happily all day long :o)

  45. first – what’s a URI? Sounds like something I should go to the doctor for. Anyway – love your website, I have been spreading it around work. Cant wait to read the book.

  46. Alexander,

    PLEASE do send me a copy – there are 103 messages, 3 were comments while 1 was yours! So, I should be within the 100 requests.

    Just found your blog via Gretchen’s Happiness Project blog. It is impressive, expressive and enthusiastic.

    Enjoy you holidays and may your happiness spread to all around you throughout the New Year.

  47. I’d love a copy please ! Hope I’m not too late for one!

    Merry xmas and a wonderful new year to you !

  48. I hope I am not too late for one, looks really interesting, as does your site.
    merry Christmas (late) happy new year (early)!

  49. Aw, I take a few days away, and I missed out :) What a thoughtful thing to do, though… Happy belated holidays, Alex!

  50. We have a VERY unhappy workplace full of stressed out people who snipe and carry on whilst trying to assist the most needy people in society! Should anymore copies become available I would certainly love to get my hands on it to see what I can do to fix this unhappy workplace.


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