Happy Hour is 9 to 5My book is out.

Happy Hour is 9 to 5
How to Love Your Job,
Love Your Life and
Kick Butt at Work

It has everything you need to take your job from crappy to happy. From drudgery to luxury. From “shove it” to “love it”. From… I’ll stop here.

I was up until one o’clock last night finishing everything and today I’m in turns ecstatic, excited and … and nervous as hell. Will people like it? Will they buy it? Will they read it if they buy it? Half the time I’m sure this is the book that will wipe Dan Brown of the map, half the time I fear it won’t sell a single copy. I may be exaggerating slightly here, but you know what I mean :o)

Anyway: Read all about it. You can buy the book on paper, as a PDF or read it free online.

22 thoughts on “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!”

  1. Congratulations! Just started back at work after a three month break and found that you have released your book!! Hope all goes well :)

  2. The link for the book returns a blank page in my Safari.

    I looked at the page and the markup is a bit suboptimal but I couldn’t directly see what would cause that behaviour.

  3. Congratulations Alexander!

    You truly are a source of inspiration!

    “Going for 1 million”….. I still recall from just a few years back…..
    – you definately are well on your way.

    Thanks for sharing it with me and many others……


  4. Congratulations!
    I look fwd to hearing about the success of the book (e.g. high sales, more print runs, companies endorsing it as the backbone of their philosophy, multiple translations, breaking into the bestseller lists, book signing tours, and the inevitable photograph of Kim Jong-il with the book in his hand). Just as you have shared the making of it with us, please share anecdotes and stats about Happy Hour…

  5. Congratulations!You have made academic research readable. I have read the web book and am enjoying your style and ideas. Will it be available through Amazon anytime soon?

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone!

    And Lars: Do you know that moment when you suddenly realize you have a new goal? I can not possibly rest until I see that picture of Kim Jong-il reading my book :o)

  7. I remember hearing an interview with a first-time, best selling author. He was asked, “Did you anticipate this kind of success?” He answered, “yes.” The interviewer sounded a little startled. “You did?” “Yes. I even anticipated that I’d get a Pulitizer. But you have to understand,” he went on, “that I anticipated every kind of reaction, from selling a total of 6 copies to family and friends only to becoming number 1. Every author has wild swings in expectations.” Punchline? You’re normal. Congratulations on this very big deal.

  8. Hi Alex Congratulations, Definitely it will be a hit. You are so generous to give it free for online reading. You have a big heart. Viji

  9. Alex, I had a chance to read through most of the book yesterday (I’m a speed reader). It’s very inspiring! I have a few more ideas to work with for my new team at my new job – I have to hand you and your community here a few kudos for some of the inspiration and successes in my new job!

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