TruckA strong competent leader is a wonderful asset. So is a strong competent bonded team. These don’t have to be mutually exclusive although many strong leaders do interfere with team dynamics. The team has a higher “truck number”. (as in “How many of us can get hit by a truck before we’re doomed”? – a useful risk metric for project work).

The bonded team provides an advantage in resilience vs. the strong leader model. The value of this advantage varies considerably with context.
– Mark Delaney (source)

First of all: That’s a great quote and a nice balanced view of centralized leadership vs. decentralized leadership. Secondly: Truck number is a hilarious (albeit grim) metric.

3 thoughts on “Quote”

  1. Great quote…like the fact a truck drives a trailer and gives it the direction like the team, you need to be experienced/qualified before you can drive it and also a truck needs refuelling!
    How’s that for extending a metaphor!

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