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AfricaI recently wrote a blog post asking for information on happy workplaces in Africa.

I got some great tips, showing that even in poor countries it’s still possible to be happy at work.

Now I can finally announce the reason why i ask. A company has been launched that has a simple but breath-taking goal: To eradicate poverty in Africa through business.

The company is called C4, and the idea is based on micro-financing ala Grameen Bank – with a focus on helping African businesses.

The idea is this:

  1. People in rich countries can create an account with C4 and put money into it.
  2. Africans can create accounts asking for investments.
  3. C4 account holders can decide which projects to invest in.

Note that you’re not giving the money as aid – you’re investing in a number of projects and can expect to get your money back with interest.

The advantages are clear:

  • You get direct influence over which projects you support.
  • Instead of giving aid, we’re helping people help themselves.

I know the people behind this, and I know their commitment, skill and energy will carry them on to great results. I have also been giving them a hand here and there :o)

Now they’re looking for the first group of people to start test-driving the site. They’re looking for 2,015 people to be specific (why that number? See if you can figure it out :o)

I urge you to sign up for this. It’s a great opportunity to be a part of something fun, that has the potential to make the world a better place.

I will certainly be participating, with a specific focus on spreading happiness at work in African businesses.

12 thoughts on “Helping Africa through business”

  1. Thank you Alexander for writing about C4 on your blog…. and especially because of the theme of your blog!

    Let me use a line to encourage you to sign-up as MyC4-builder….

  2. Pedro, Kiva is absolutely a super initiative who is on the same “poverty eradication train” as us.

    We differ from Kiva on many points though:

    1) We are building a comprehensive and engaging community that makes it possible for both investor and entrepreneur to communicate with an intensity, frequency and pace desired by the individual.

    2) No matter who and where your business partner is, the “same” principals and respect as used anywhere else must govern the business (argued on our blog by Kasper: – which is why we are building the sustainability upon Return On Investment.

    3) We have a lot of additional ideas to be tested during the build-up phase – do you want to know more or even have an impact on how will work, you should definitely sign-up as a MyC4-builder on our site!

    We highly appreciate and respect initiatives/businesses that have the same goal as we do (eradicate poverty!) AND we believe that there is room for many here!

  3. Alex: Thanks for letting us know about C4 ;)

    Tim: Excellent idea! I think it will change the world for the better, keep it up :)

  4. Hah, this is great. I am one of the 2015 MyC4-builders. Just received the confirmation this morning. Wow, it is an honor to be involved in this dream.

  5. Trama, I am not so experienced in German… so my “answer” will be in English!

    Yes, we would be happy if you explain about our site – thank you!

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