An African challenge

Happy at work in Africa

Do you know someone in Africa who’s happy at work? A company, where people like to work? A person who’s genuinely happy about what he does?

There’s a reason why I’m asking, but I can’t tell you about it yet. I can only say that next week, a very, very interesting project will be announced, and this question relates to it.

I will say this though: Happiness at work exists everywhere, including the developing world. We may think, that in some countries work is only a matter of survival, but that is just not the case. Even in the poorest nations in the world, people can be and indeed are happy at work. And even there, it makes a difference.

So if you have a story of happiness at work in Africa, please write a comment – I would love to hear it.

8 thoughts on “An African challenge”

  1. Of course there is!, at least there have to be…. Well we have 2 examples already. If we consider the difference in values in such countries and that what makes people happy is very individual, certainly there are many places in developing countries where people is happy at work. And as a matter of fact in developing countries is easier to do meaningful activities…

    But I believe the really important question is “are there enough opportunities to be happy at work in developing countries?”

    An my answer, comming from one of them, is “NO”, now, Im not a negative person, indeed my personal vision is linked to create such opportunities and empower people to see them, take them and enjoy them, just that I dont know where to start.

    Looking forward to keep this discussion and also to hear about Alex’s project next week, and if anyhow I could be involved on it, I would WORK hard and be HAPPY while doing so.

  2. Thomas: Thanks for the tip – that sounds great!

    Michelle: That’s funny, I’ve blogged about them before because I admired the fact that they have a page on their site showcasing their employees tattoos. They look like a fun place to work!

    Jose Manuel: Great point. Developing nations offer more chances to do meaningful work – but fewer resources and opportunities for happiness at work.

  3. Just came back from a great holiday in Egypt with a tour company The Imaginative Traveller. Their Tour Guides certainly had fun and have worked for the company for a number of years. The crew on their cruise ship Melodie were really enjoying their work not just giving good service but creating simple and surprising experiences – like every evening when we went for dinner our rooms will be made ready and a new figure made of towels would appear on the bed!

  4. Carsten: Of course, Kufunda – how could I forget it!

    Lilly: Thanks for the tip. Good customer service almost invariably comes from happy people.

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