The world’s most democratic workplaces

Democratic workplaces

For the last year the great folks at WorldBlu have been on the hunt for companies that practice organizational democracy and they’ve found many great examples. The very best ones are companies that dare to be different, dare to include employees in the decisions being made … and interestingly they also tend to be very happy workplaces.

The awards list includes companies like Berret-Koehler Publishers, GE Aviation, Threadless and Linden Labs (who make Second Life).

And who tops the list? What is the most democratic company? You may be surprised, but I ain’t tellin’ – head on over to to find out.

2 thoughts on “The world’s most democratic workplaces”

  1. I guess you’re “not telling” who is the most democratic company because neither is WorldBlu. The list is “not a ranking”, and is given in alphabetical order.

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