A question for ya: Happy companies in Mexico..?

MexicoI got a very nice email from Jorge who writes:

I would like to ask you if you know of any company in Mexico doing this radical stuff. Being a Mexican myself, I would love to work in happy-democratic-radical Company. Are there any here in Mexico?

That’s a great question. I don’t know of any – but maybe you do? Write a comment if you’ve heard of any happy Mexican companies!

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  1. Working conditions in Mexico tend to be determined by a less democratic method but perhaps there are some forward thinking companies breaking the mold down there?

  2. Hey, Oscar, maybe yours will be the first of a kind in Mexico. Good luck!
    I am still hoping there are some already out there in Mexican soil. But, then again, maybe not.

  3. Hi
    I just thought I would let you know that laughter/happiness is becoming big in Mexico. A fellow Certified Laughter Leader is running laughter clubs in Mexico and is doing very well with them. Perhaps he has some information for you. Here is some info on them
    Risueno y Saludable. The First World Laughter Tour Laughter Club in Mexico; Jose Vicente Elizondo Garcia, Certified Laughter Leader. Meets at Hotel Holiday Inn Express, first Saturday of each month. Jose is also available for talks, seminars, and other enlightening and entertaining programs about the power of attitudes in health and healing. For exact times and other program information contact Jose at…
    EMAIL: yosoypp@proyectorisa.com.mx
    WEBSITE: http://www.proyectorisa.com.mx

    La Vida Me Sonrie. Meets Saturdays at 11:00 a.m., at Hotel Gandara Salon, Hotel Gandara, Boulevard Kino #1000, Colonia Pitic, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Dolores Garica-Puebla is the Certified Laughter Leader (Lider de la Risa Certificado). For more information, contact Dolores at (52) 662 127 8272 or…
    EMAIL: clubdelarisa@yahoo.com

    Hope this helps, keep laughing

  4. I’m sorry to say that i know a LOT of companies that do exactly the opposite. Being Mexican my self, i’ve worked in a lot of places and had the oportunity to be side by side with people from other countries. I must say that we (mexicans) have a bad reputation on the skill areas and often called “lazy”. I have no doubt there are people just like that, but fortunately are the less. We are people who like to smile, play jokes, have reunions for any reason. I think the key here is that all that is against the culture of work that we have: being late at morning, still working at 11 at nite, coffee breaks every hour, etc.
    A person who is always on time, leaving at 7 pm sharp, have two o less hours to eat is not well seen.

  5. Thanx Suzi, this is really helpful. I am intrigued with this “Club de la Risa” thing. I wonder if there are any in Mexico City…
    I will find out.

  6. Sorry guys, I have been working for more than 15 years trying to create such an athmosphere in Mexico. I can tell you that in Four Seasons Hotel Mexico DF and Four Seasons Hotel Punta Mita, they live a very healthy environment.
    Now I am opening a new development in Acapulco (again as Director of Human Talent) and my goal is exactly the same. This is not Disneyland, but it will be a great environment to work in.

  7. Jorge Delarbre: That’s wonderful! May I ask you, Jorge, considering how unusual this is in Mexico, what inspires you to do it and HOW do you pull it off?

  8. Well I am Anthropologist and when circumstances force me to become a Director of Human Resources, I decided that I would make a difference. Years later I enter Four Seasons and learned from them that it is possible. Now in an independen company, my idea is to spread the voice.

  9. Jorge: That’s wonderful.

    Btw: I think anthropology is a GREAT background for HR people. I know a lot of very clever anthropologists working in organizations or as consultants and their background is immensely useful.

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