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I would like to say a warm thank you to everyone who attended my presentation at the Indore Management Association’s conference. It was an absolute pleasure.

As I said, I do believe that India has a unique chance right now to become not only prosperous but happy – and that means creating lots of happiness at work.

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions so please write a comment here.

Click here to download my presentation.

19 thoughts on “IMA presentation”

  1. Dear Alex,

    It was absolute pleasure listening to you at IMA National Management Convention at Indore, India today. I totally agree that the happy workforce can make a huge difference to an organization’s forturnes. Thanks a million for showing the way to look at professional life, and life even otherwise, so very differently. Spreading happiness can not only be contageous but hugely rewarding as well. A fantastic presentation and great insight on the basic need of human beings – happiness.

  2. Hi Alex,

    A good job indeed at the Indore management assosiation yesterday,there is enough knowledge in the text from centuries but whats more important is simple implementable learning-which you provided.Simplicity quote which you shared with me is the crux ,may have the quote from your mail so as to forward it to many ,who actually need it badly.

    Cheers … you rock ….we rock buddy.

    Shailesh Niyogi.

  3. the presentatn at the IMA ws an absolute pleasure!……in today’s rat racing n obsessive cut-throatism, nt only corporates but the society as a whole hs forgottn the importance of a simple thng like happiness…..i hv alwys firmly n oftn vehemently (to get thru to a few overtly pragmatic people!) defended the quote “find a job u love n you’ll nvr hv to work for evn a day.”……it ws sheer delight to hear u repeat the vry same ideals in ur presntatn!…..thank you for enriching the prsnt n the
    gen-next corporates……it is importnt they not lose sight of wht is important!

  4. Dear Alex,

    It was a great pleasure and a life time opportunity to meet CHO. Presentation was fantastic and brought all of us live to the action. Now, after meeting you, you have totally changed me and influenced me, and have changed the way i used to think earlier. You really rock man!!!

    And all those moments spent with you were most memorable moments of my lifetime. And Scary House at the Treasure Island mall was all fun with you and my friends also enjoyed with you a lot……!!!


  5. Hey Alex,
    An amazing ,vivacious and unique presentation that energised everyone’s spirits …
    Keep up wid the good work of making people all around you happy and cheerful !!!!!

  6. hii sir it really a pleasure to meet u at IMA national convention the presentation was really good and motivated…………

  7. Hi Alex
    it was fantastic experiential way of teaching the happiness – – As we had a talk that I also doing Experiential Team Building Workshops for Corporates and your happiness thoughts are very helpfull to me – for creating workshop more enjoyable – more cheerful and FUN.
    Many Thanks to u for giving us a happiest moment.

    thx – Rakesh

  8. Hi Alex,
    Sorry i could not attend the presentation at IMA.
    But shall surely meet you at MM meeting tonite and
    have a first hand experience.


    rajiv parekh

  9. Hi Alex,

    Interested in your presentation, while cannot suceed downloading it.
    Wondering if there is any other way for me to access to it.


  10. Dear Alex,

    It was pleasure to meet you at IMA Convention. Your presentation was outstanding and I appreciate energy level you bring in your presentations.

    Expecting your more visits to India to proliferate more happiness.



  11. sadar pranam ,
    ( it,s Indian way of gretting to someone )

    ( i know it would be difficult for u to read hindi even i would like to write comment in hindi plz try to get it .)

    ye hamara soubhagya tha ki aap Indore aaye.
    aapka presentation bahut hi lajawab tha.aapne jo baatein kahi vo bahut hi khubsurat thi.aapki urja , aapki muskan,aapki bhashashaili,aapka utsah,aapki vaktavya ,aapka prastutikaran,slids aur speech ka tartamya sabkuch adbhutt , adivitiya, aur aakarshit karne wala tha.aapki speech ne humko josh se bhar diya .


  12. Dear Alex,
    It was a great pleasure to meet you at lunch time during IMA , Indore visit.
    I have started your happiness tips at my work place.
    Now it has strated working.
    In a couple of days i will write you my detailed experience.
    Best Regards,
    M. A. Husain
    Divisional Head H.R.

  13. Hi Alex

    I am happy to be a part of your ”Happiness Movement”. It will be a pleasure to have you here again in near future.

    Keep it up dear !!

  14. To

    Chief Happiness Officer

    Hello Alex , U ROCK………………

    A Very Very Happy Good Morning To You , I have changed my way of Greeting People in my office, and even besides that i had some trouble with my middle level empolyees and i followed you thumb rules in trying to make them happy and it Really Works .

    ALL Thanks To You .

    With Warm Regards & Happy Smile


  15. hi!!!! alex how r u?????????? we all really miss u………………. v al sat nd have adopted ur LEVEL 5 GUD MORNING……………

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