Thank you, Indore (India)

Happy at work in India
Making people happy at work in India

I’m back. I’m beat. And no wonder – in 11 days I went Copenhagen – Chicago – London – Bombay – Indore – Bombay – London – Copenhagen.

India, especially, was great. Going there was an absolutely amazing experience. I don’t hesitate to call it life-changing.

I went with one big question on my mind: Will my stuff work in India? Will they like the idea of happiness at work? Will my style go over well with Indians? Will my tools and methods work in Indian workplaces? Will Indian managers see the business sense in making their employees happy?

Happy at work in India
Another happy Indian

I seriously had no idea. I’ve done my thing in many western corporations, but Indian business culture is obviously very different.

Well, my stuff works in India! Boy, does it ever work. In fact, in India, I’m a rock star :o)

Indore Management Association annual convention
The stage for the Indore Management Association annual convention. The place was humongous!

First I spoke at the Indore Management Association’s annual conference where my presentation was a huge hit. People absolutely loved it as you can see from these comments.

The next day it was on to Dewas which is a short drive from Indore where Tata has a plant that makes leather for the fashion industry. Tata is India’s biggest company, responsible for 2.8% of Indias GDP. That’s huge.

Happy at work in India
Making people happy at work in India

I did one workshop for the 20 senior managers at the factory which went very well and the next day I did another full-day workshop for 45 entry-level managers which went even better. Again, people loved the message, the tools and my presentation style.

Happy at work in India
Making people happy at work in India

And then to cap it off, I was taken to Indore again where I gave a presentation to the Indore Management Marshals, a group that meets monthly to discuss management. This group consisted of the member and their wives, most of whom are housewives, so I was asked to also speak about happiness in the family.

That was a fun request, and it made me realize that about 90% of my message actually applies equally well at work and at home. And, again, I was a hit :o)

It was a long trip home (about 24 hours) but I spent the whole time feeling quietly elated – a feeling that persists now that I’m back.

Indore, India
Street life in Indore

And finally a great big thank you to:

  • The students who took such great care of me in Indore, especially Nancy.
  • Everyone at IMA. What a great event you put on.
  • Everyone at Tata Dewas. Thanks for spending so much time on my workshops and for being so positive about them.
  • The Management Marshals of Indore for a lovely evening.
  • James Pal for showing me around Indore and introducing me to Indian street cuisine – which is amazing!
  • S Nand for making it all possible by reacting to my original blog post where I said that I’d love to do some work in India.
  • Vijay Kumar Bhalla for arranging the whole thing so efficiently
  • To every single person I met while there. I must have met hundreds of people and everyone was happy, smiling, gracious, positive and open. Thanks!

You can see many more pictures from Indore here.

16 thoughts on “Thank you, Indore (India)”

  1. Welcome back Alex,
    I think the reason your stuff works in India is that ‘happiness at work’ is a global issue involving human beings.
    Too many business owners and bosses get everything right except the people stuff… and they fail. As you know, your biggest challenge in business (unless you’re flying solo) will not be about marketing, business models, your competition or corporate logo.. it will be about egos, attitudes, personalities, opinions, emotions and politics – people. If you can’t communicate, listen, manage, lead, resolve conflict and laugh…. don’t employ people.
    BTW. Love the photo of ‘Amother Hapy Indian’ you rockstar :o)

  2. A big congrats!
    Speaking in India was a huge two-way street of learning and future collaboration for me too … and continues in unexpected ways “here” (Sausalito) too
    hHere’s to the power of us in this flattening world – to co-create and share specific ways we can all become happier and higher-performing at work and in life I trust you will return to India
    – Kare, movingfrommetwe

  3. The happiness and experiential ideas are universal.

    I have been researching this for almost a year now, working like you Alex, with global organizations. I find that work groups outside the US. take to the ideas of balance and happiness even better than some US companies.
    All people want to feel happy and accepted, loved and comfortable, this only makes for a greater return on investment.
    Awesome Alex

  4. Craig: I agree – happiness is global. In fact, I think Indians are more attuned to happiness than many westerners, which gives happiness at work a great base there.

    MW: Thanks!!

    Steve R: Please write that note. My boss is such a jerk and never cuts me any slack. But wait – I’m my own boss…

    Kare: Thanks! When did you speak in India?

    Sridhar: Next stop Bangalore. When? ASAP!

    Mike: I took a look at your website – cool! And I like that you also find that many other cultures take more naturally to this than the US.

    KP: Thanks :o) So do you!!

  5. got to see your slideshow at slideshare. really really awesome.. am really amazed when someone takes seemingly obvious things and then makes them obvious to people.
    bravo :)

  6. Alex,
    Goes to show that the people are the same wherever you go. They want fun, fulfillment at work. Happiness is be sought and found, not given out.

    Please keep me posted when you plan your next visit to this part of the world.

  7. Got a chance to meet u and attend ur show at IMA…..
    u rock man……it was really happiness REDEFINED…..THAT TOO IN
    u rocked man hope to c u in future

  8. Hey Alex,

    I co-incidently bumped into this website and was gald to know that you were in Indore. I am a fresher working as HR officer (in Indore) and would love to attend your workshops in future.

    Please tell me the way to be updated with all your sessions here in Indore and also your writing works.



  9. Hello Alex!

    It seems, you had a fruitful trip to Indore.


    Jagat Singh Bisht
    Happiness Coach & Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

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