A question for ya: Do you know any publishers in India

IndiaIndia. I want to go there. And make people happy at work.

Here’s what I’m thinking: India is experiencing a huge(!) boom in precisely those types of businesses that need happy employees. The success of Indian businesses is also getting to the point where it’s getting harder for companies to attract and keep good people.

So I’m thinking India needs more happiness at work.

I was thinking that the my book might be hit and that it might make sense to find an Indian publisher. Of course I could look them up and start contacting them, but it’s always easier of you have a personal contact.

So: Do you know someone in publishing in India? Got an idea who I should contact? Or do you have an opinion on whether or not my book would fly in India?

You can write a comment on this post or send me an email. Thanks :o)

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  1. will you be able to come to India to address a

    National Mnagement Convention at Indore
    Management Association at Indore in Dec’07.

    The book will be promoted and we all will be able to hear
    you.If you consider this,then we can get in touch with
    you for more details.

  2. Sorry, I don’t know any Indian publishers,
    But our small company (australian) was taken over 3 years ago by a large Indian software developer and there were a number of troubles related to the cultural differences.
    I tend to agree that it would be a good idea to take your book to India but the approach you take may need to be different to selling to a European type audience.

    In one of your previous posts you mention cultural characteristics:
    * Low vs. High Power Distance
    * Individualism vs. collectivism
    * Masculinity vs. femininity
    * Uncertainty avoidance
    * Long vs. short term orientation

    Indian culture is very hierarchical (high power distance) and there is the implicit assumption that more senior people are right. Even when they are not, the junior will not disagree unless explicitly asked and the senior would be amazed if they did.
    There is a strong association with the group (collectivism) and much of basic life is defined by very tight (unspoken) rules.
    The masculine values are probably dominant although there is a bit of duality here. India is quite chavantistic by western standards – but they have had several female prime ministers.
    Uncertainty avoidance is low. Indians are quite happy to operate with very poorly defined parameters. They also will tend to work around rules where the rules get in the way (I realise that this is a bit contradictory to above – but India itself is quite contradictory :-)
    In general, Indians are long term oriented – consider what the idea of re-incarnation is likely to do to the concept of time. However, the areas that you are aiming at include the boom industries and these are often more dynamic than the general population.
    In general I find the approach with our company is paternalistic. There is a ‘father knows best’ attitude combined with a ‘look after the children’ approach from the senior management. This is accepted by the staff who are happy to do whatever is necessary to win approval from above.

    I hope this summary helps and good luck.

  3. Alexander,

    I’m checking with my publisher (in the US) about a publisher in India. I know he publishes some of his tech books in India but I believe he does it at a discounted rate. I don’t know much about the details, but I sent him this page and I’m sure he’ll comment if he knows anyone.

    Good luck!


  4. Alex,
    It looks like you have an invitation to a conference in India. In preparation for that one way of testing teh water in advance would be to use soem of the Indians that are working more locally as part of large outsourcing projects. Typically when work is outsourced to India some of the Indian team spend time working with the company locally. I can provide you with some contacts in Denmark or Sweden.


    ps If you don’t have the cultural difference scores fro India I can probably dig them out fro you.

  5. Hi Alexander,
    I do not know any publishers personally, but will try to find out from my connections.

    Regarding India itself, I would request you to come here without any pre-conceived notions. Just like any other country/people it has its merits and de-merits. What is important is the fact that, there are a lot of folks out here, inspired by people like you and are working towards doing a lot of good “happy” stuff.

    People tend to forget that the Internet is a kind of “great leveler”, which breeds a common (and open & mature) mindset irrespective of the physical or geographical location of an individual. There are a lot of people doing quality (and happy!) work in India. India is not only experiencing a huge boom in business, but is making strides in terms of maturing and working with people from different cultures and schools of thought.

    Please make some time when you come down to India and we could discuss a lot of things. Let me know when you are coming down to India. I live in Bangalore which is in South India (Karnataka).

    PS: Alexander, Please feel free to email me about anything, you may want to know. I will try to find out and let you know, if I do not know about it myself.


  6. Happy Hour is 9 to 5 is a great read. I referred your ebook to my co-workers and they love it..

    Good Luck

    – Karthikeyan, Chennai, India !!!

  7. Dear,

    Yes one of our client Krishna Book House is a leading Book Publisher in delhi and north india. Beside that we know many publishing house dealing in our print media departments.


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