Do you work at Google? Do you know someone who does?

GoogleHere’s the deal: I’d love to speak at Google.

I admire the way they do business and I’d love to get a chance to speak at the happiest company in the US.

I know they have these Authors@Google talks all the time, and I’ve been told by my new pal Alan Gregerman who gave one recently, that the way you get to do one is by having a Google employee sponsor you.

I just happen to be an author myself so if you work at Google, or know someone who does, why not get me over there.

Hey – this approach got me to India. In May 2007 I wrote this post about how I’d love to go to India and speak. Regular reader S. Nand happened to know some of the right people and in December I spoke at a management conference in Indore and gave two workshops to leaders at Tata, India’s biggest corporation.

So… next stop Mountain View?

5 thoughts on “Do you work at Google? Do you know someone who does?”

  1. I just found a second cousin (we have a mutual cousin) who works at Google. Not entirely sure how helpful she’ll be, but if I have your contact details I can pass them on to her :)

  2. Sir jorge: Can’t blame you for wanting to work for them – they’re cool! And it’s funny how some companies must fight to attract the right employees, and some companies have people actively campaigning to work there.

    Yet another advantage of happiness at work.

  3. I have no connections to Google but one of the best things about the Authors@Google program is that we get to see and hear authors talk about what they do.

    Do you have any video of your workshops/talks online?
    If not, it’s surely something to think about.

  4. I work at Google and have nominated you. I hope other Googlers do too. You seem Googley to me.

    To the person trying to get hired by Google, I recommend getting a friend or friend-of-friend who works at Google to refer you, which will help you get past the initial screening. (You can used or a similar service to find one.) To improve your changes of getting through the interviews, I recommend the book Programming Interviews Exposed.

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