Happiness at work in Guatemala

Alexander KjerulfI’m going to Guatemala in July to speak about happiness at work to the Guatemalan Human Resources Management Association.

They are currently looking for sponsors for the speech. The director writes:

To this conference we invite a lot of H.R. Managers from all over the region, and has a good attendance for brand awareness or public image, but we need sponsors to cover your fee and trip expenses.

We are looking for them here, but some times our speakers helped us with that. If you know some one that could be interested in the sponsorship to cover your presence we will appreciate it a lot, and we will contact them in order to arrange everything, what we offer or if they want some special arrangement.

So my question to you is: Do you know any organizations in or around Guatemala who would like to help sponsor my trip and keynote?

Let me know if you do or if you know anyone who might.

I did a similar thing when I spoke in India a while back. Tata (India’s biggest private company) sponsored the trip and in addition to speaking at the conference I also did two workshops for groups of managers.

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