Some ridiculous quotes from some stupid book about (get this) happiness at work

Happy Hour is 9 to 5Jørgen Larsen just finished reading my book and has blogged some of his favorite quotes from it. Thanks Jørgen!

Also, Billy Waters just updated his fantastic mind map of Ricardo Semler’s book Maverick. Mind mapping an entire book is an excellent way to preserve the salient points for yourself and Billy gets all the important stuff in there.

Semler’s two books Maverick and The Seven-Day Weekend are some of the best and most important books I’ve ever read about happiness at work and they’ve been a huge inspiration to my work.

Billy has also promised to do a mind map of my book and I can’t wait to see it.

And there’s more great news on my book:

One thought on “Some ridiculous quotes from some stupid book about (get this) happiness at work”

  1. Just stumbled your blog and made a comment on another post then saw this post you made making reference to Ricardo Semlar’s books, which I rave about to anyone and everyone who will listen! Like you, he has been a great inspiration to me in my work and also in all my dealings with people who insist that the corporate world of work has to be run as it so often is – as places where trust in employees comes last on the employer’s agenda, rather than first, where it should be! I’ve just subscribed to your feed and look forward to future posts – thanks.


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