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  1. Heh… that place is in Auckland, New Zealand. Some of the locals call the suburb Ponsonby PonSNOBby instead, ‘cos lots of wealthy people live there :-D

    P = ice (pure methamphetamine) btw

  2. A job ad like this will definitely help the restaurant find the staff they’re looking for. Obviously they want fun people who understood the humor in the ad. People who don’t understand will be turned off and quite possibly offended. It’s a strategic way to find a great employees and completely brilliant!

  3. I like that ad a lot. It seems quite honest, and if the place is actually called “Murder Burger,” then it is already apparent that there is a taste for irony there.

  4. Debi, Alexander:

    Yeah, using ‘P’ for methamphetamine is an NZ-only thing, so I thought I’d explain it :-)

    As for the Murder Burgers – I’ve never been there to my knowledge… (I was a university student when I lived in Auckland ;-) ). But I am going to make a point of searching them out when I am next in Auckland!

  5. A rigorous selection process. What happens to the failed candidates…come to think of it, what was the name of those burgers again?

    Seems like they have more fun in NZ. No way could yoiu get away with that in the UK.

  6. I love the ad. Only problem I see is if the work culture turns out to be very different from that suggested by the ad. If this is a smaller company, and everyone’s in on the recruitment, fine–but if the bosses who run the actual restaurants have a more cut-and-dried approach to the job, then there could be big disappointment.

  7. Makes me long for the days of serving, just wish that boss would have had any sense of humor at all.

    Love how the lawsuit in the US is brought up. Seems next to no one wants a real job anymore, but they darn sure want the pay and benefits.

  8. One of the most succesful job ads I placed had this line in it:

    “Length of experience isn’t strictly relevant, but having great taste and great execution is pretty important… as are mean air guitar skills.”

    We found some pretty great people that way. People who fit our vibe perfectly.

  9. Sounds fun to work there — but would it be fun to eat there? I love my espresso place with the fun, cheerful people who quick-stop their conversation and get me my mocha. I hate the local burrito joint, where I have to wait in line interminably behind the college student customer who’s finished ordering and is now talking shit with the counter person. It seems like a burger place would want to recruit people who find the customers or the burgers at least mildly entertaining.

  10. I love the job ad, but I don’t think I would want to go to a restaurant called “Murder Burger” where their logo is a cat…

  11. Go New Zealand!

    Unfortunately the restaurant’s food and hygiene doesn’t live up to its very clever creative copywriting. The day my husband and I went there there were four bored staff chatting in the kitchen while we tried to avoid muck on the tables and floor.

    Sadly it promised so much, but delivered so little. I hope they can work through those minor issues and have a great restaurant.

  12. A bit late on the uptake but the burgers are fantastic … you should read the blog! My favourite is the response from Murder Burger to the vegetarian that complained that there is no vegetarian options on the menu. http://murderburger.wordpress.com/menu/ ITs about the 4th entry down by revolution01 Says: November 4, 2008 at 9:32 pm… Bloody HILARIOUS

  13. Much fun, except using the word “shit” in a restaurant ad doesn’t go down very well.

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