Christmas special: Get my book for only $12.99

Happy Hour is 9 to 5I want to celebrate the incredible success I’ve been having this year AND to celebrate the upcoming holidays, so I’ve reduced the price of my book Happy Hour is 9 to 5 from $29 to $12.99. I’ve also reduced the price of the pdf e-book to from $19 to $5.99. This offer is good only until Christmas – click here to get it.

The book has been doing very well. The Danish translation is a huge hit – it’s on the top 10 list of management books. It is also out in Dutch and Spanish and a Chinese translation is coming very soon.

The reviews have been very positive. Here’s one from

Thank you Alexander for an outstanding book. Everyone who works, anywhere, must read this book. Managers of human beings most definitely must read this book. I hope you sell millions.

Another one from

I browsed through the book and ordered a copy for my boss after telling her how good it is!

She LOVED it! She’s tried to keep as professional and fun of an atmosphere at work as possible, and now it’s even better!

If you are management, BUY THIS BOOK
If you are an employee, BUY THIS BOOK

You cannot go wrong!

From a Danish newspaper’s review:

…will certainly inspire employees and managers…

The book’s strength lies in the enthusiasm and sincerity it is obviously written on. A quick and useful read.

Get the book on – they ship all over the world.

3 thoughts on “Christmas special: Get my book for only $12.99”

  1. Aloooha Alex.

    this is a real treat you are giving us for the Hollidays.
    I bought the english version several months ago and I am interested in the spanish version.
    Is it in Spain’s Spanish? Will it be available in Mexico’s Spanish or Latinamerican Spanish?




  2. Hi

    Nice offer which I will take advantage of. But I have one complaint and that is that you have to create an account to buy it. I’m so tired of doing that so I’ve started to write to everyone I buy from (hoping that they may change). I think a credit card number and address should be enough to buy something.

    Any way, I know your not directly responsible, but it might not hurt to give a nudge here also about this :)

    Keep up the happy work


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