WorldBlu Live: The Best Business Conference EVER

WorldBlu Live 2008

This year’s WorldBlu Live 2008 conference was without any doubt the best business conference I have ever attended.

First of all, the topic itself is ground-breaking. The world needs democracy at work. We need workplaces that are more open, inclusive, democratic and positive.

Secondly, the content at this event was unique. You will not hear this stuff at any other conference.

Finally, the people were amazing. The place was overrun with smart, nice, passionate people.

Karl Staib (who I finally got to meet in person) has a great blow-by-blow write-up of the entire conference. Karl starts his piece with:

Would you love to meet the brightest minds in your industry?

Who wouldn’t?

Well, I just did.

I agree completely. But my favorite article from the event may be this one by David Russell, simply because it starts with these words:

Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer, as his title suggests – is happy..! As he bounds on to the stage he exudes energy, and with a twinkle in his eye – also a sense of mischief.

I had no idea I do that. But I’m going to do it even more now :o)

3 thoughts on “WorldBlu Live: The Best Business Conference EVER”

  1. I agree. The best business conference I’ve ever been to. I also agree with David Russell. Alex’s energy is infectious and captivating.

    We really do need democracy in the workplace. Our work environment isn’t adapting to our changing needs. Once the rest of the business world catches on to the idea, I promise that they will, employees, customers and the bottom line will be much happier.

  2. Hi Alex, we’re entering NixonMcInnes for the WorldBlu list this time around, so hopefully I’ll see you at the conference. We can finally have that Semler fanclub meeting :)

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