My job is…

Try it yourself: Go to google, type in “my job is ” and look at the suggestions. Here’s what I got:

Google: My job is...


I don’t mean to be hasty here, but maybe – just maybe – there’s room for improvement in some workplaces :o)

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12 thoughts on “My job is…”

  1. Hmm, I also tried it in german.

    Meine Arbeit…. (My job…)
    …macht mich krank (…makes me sick)
    …kotzt mich an (…pisses me off)
    …macht mir keinen spa

  2. Maybe we should have Google reorganise their search tips. Although, that will only hide the facts. Great blog btw! Been following for a while and always interesting comments and reflections. Would be interesting to see some content (or maybe you have in history – I haven’t checked I admit) about workplace in educational arenas, such as a university setting.

    Cheers from Sweden!


  3. Kind of scary but on the other hand; people who are really unhappy at work are probably much more likely to search on Google for advice than those who are happy at work :)

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