Right now we’re having the busiest period of the year so far. Lots of exciting new projects, great new customers and of course lots of work on planning our conference about happiness at work on May 20.

So this is of course the perfect time for me to yank 3 days out of my busy schedule and go on a silent retreat.

It’s three days of yoga, meditation, nature walks and silence. As in no internet, no music, no talking, no reading, no distracting yourself from yourself in any way. I’ve done it before and I find it extremely challenging – but ultimately very worthwhile. It gives me a calm and a clarity that I can’t achieve in any other way.

See ya next week – and here’s an inspiring presentation on the value of taking time off:

8 thoughts on “Ssssshhhhhhh…”

  1. Have a good time, retreats are great for getting centered! I’m looking forward to the next time I’ll be able to take one.

  2. A brilliant idea. I was reading just the other day about Gerard Endenburg (developer of Sociocracy) and how he got beyond a block in this thinking about corporate decision making.

    The answer: a three week personal retreat!

    I’m not sure how my wife and kids would respond if I suggested that but I guess it might be worth a try :-)

  3. Wonderful suggestion! I feel it is always important to have planning or creative time out rather than just reacting to situations and tasks all the time. I have summer holidays off now as i work in a school and it takes me 6 weeks to unwind and get used to not being at work, then i get into doing home things .I think it would be very hard to get back to work after a year off doing all the things that you have longed to do … but I agree that it would be better to have ‘retirement’ whilst you are energetic to live life to the full!

  4. @D Harvey – I’m not sure it would be hard get back to work. I took a year off in my thirties and found it pretty easy in some ways.

    What was hard was coming to terms with seeing the work that I had loved before in a very different light. From a different perspective it seemed quite the wrong thing for me to be doing.

    But ultimately a year off was still a great move – lots of time to ponder and reflect – and although it took a while it helped me find a new course that was ultimately much more satisfying.

    So I’d highly recommend a year long “retreat” from work!

  5. Three years back, I took a week booked into a hotel on Crete in the Mediterranean, alone. During the week I had a few brief conversations with restaurant waiters, but otherwise stayed quiet.

    It was a great time for relaxation, and for developing ideas. I think we often tend to busy ourselves, and fill our schedules with activities. We need to “do” things, and can’t settle with being. Spending time alone made this easier for me.

  6. Wow…I want to work for you…really…

    My director is back on Friday from an overseas meeting…and I have already made my appointment with her to hand in my resignation. She doesn’t know yet that that is my plan, but after being more than miserable for over a year know…the time has definately come.

    I only found your blog this morning after my boyfriend sent it to me, but wow does it ring true about being happy in our office environments. The truth is my company is fantastic…great policies, (except we have no HR Department), great morals, great and steady growth, and I’m earning more than I ever have…but I have never been more miserable in my life and it is down to my job.

    About 2 years ago a new marketing consultant came in on a 6 months contract and has never left…she took an instant dislike to me, because I refused to bow down to her when I disagreed with what she said…although I was never rude, she took that as me being difficult…needless to say, I decided to bite my lip and see if things got better…Well they didn’t, she is so up and down we literally wince when she walks in in the morning…Every little mistake I may make, she pounces on me…however I have built up fantastic raport with our clients through my communication and client services skills, but this all goes un-noticed…

    Anyway, I have finally made the decision that my health is more important than my pay check…although the next few months may be hard, I am giving it all I have…I feel that once I have moved from this job the weight will be taken off my shoulders and I will no longer need to be involved in a bitter and negative environment. I work hard, love people, and have been damn loyal to my company for the past 3.5 years and its time for me to stand up and be recognised and to get some appreciation…even if its from myself…So again…thank you for your blog…I would love to attend one of your seminars…I feel so passionately about what you say…we spend most of our time in our jobs and if we are so unhappy that are characters are changing…there can be no positivity coming out from that…

    So thank you and I hope to comment again soon with optimistic news.


  7. This is just great. I think people should definitely get time off to recharge their mental and physical batteries. In the US this would not go over well unfortunately so I feel bad for my friends who stayed there!

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