10 questions about your 2010

The beginning of a new year is a great time to take stock of your work life. Did everything going the way you wanted it in 2010? Were you happy or unhappy at work? What would you like to change?

Unfortunately, most people look back and think almost exclusively in terms of everything that went wrong. The things they should have done. They goals they ought to have achieved. The progress that didn’t come.

We think you can achieve much more by turning that around 180 degrees, so here’s our suggestion for a little new year’s exercise in happiness at work. Think back at your work life in 2010 and answer the following 10 questions. It works best, if you take some time to do it and if you write down the answers.

  1. What went really well for you at work in 2010?
  2. What did you do that you were proud of?
  3. Who did you make a difference for at work?
  4. What new things have you learned professionally?
  5. How have you grown and developed personally at work?
  6. Who has helped you out at work in 2010=
  7. Who have you admired profesionally?
  8. What have been some of the most fun moments at work in 2010?
  9. Which 5 things from your work life in 2010 would you like more of in 2011?

And last but not least:
10. What will you specifically do to become happier at work in 2011?

Have fun – and I wish you a very happy 2011 at work!

4 thoughts on “10 questions about your 2010”

  1. Great questions – I’ll answer them myself, and I’m also going to circulate them to my assistant before his performance review (yes I know, but we have to do them!), as hopefully it’ll create a positive atmosphere for both of us.

    One question though – what’s number 9?

  2. Nice question, I’ll answer it one by one now.

    For question No.2, If I work for a job, most probably I make a different of my boss’s life only. XD

    Thanks Alex for these 10 wonderful questions to start off my day. :D

  3. Great questions Alexander! This is the first i have visited your blog but i will come back, some engaging blog topics!
    2011 will bring the same as 2010 unless you do something differently. The question help decide what direction to take. We did a share your new years resolution night with some friends where we share the resolutions for this year and compare to last. For most people they were exactly the same!

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