Materials from my keynote at Talks 2.0 in Portugal

I want to say a great big Thank You and a High Five You Rock to the conference arrangers and all who attended my keynote at Talks 2.0 in Oporto on May 7. Thanks for a fantastic time – I really enjoyed it. You guys were great and the entire day was fun and inspiring.

The background for the event was serious, namely the financial crisis in Portugal, which is affecting every aspect of work life in the country.

In my keynote, I presented my view, which is that a serious crisis only makes it MORE necessary to focus on and create happy workplaces. If we don’t the resulting stress, frustration, hopelessness and cynicism ruins peoples’ work lives and private lives, it makes us less productive and creative, and it means that economic recovery takes longer.

It was my first time in Portugal, but I got a great impression of the country and especially of the people. With this much energy, creativity, passion, humor and happiness, there is nothing you guys can’t do!

Here are some materials from the day including, slides, videos, articles and more.


Click here to get my slides


I’d love to know what you thought of my speech – please write a comment on this blog post and give me your honest feedback. Thanks!

My e-book in Portuguese – for free

Happiness at work

As mentioned I decided to release the Portuguese translation of my book as a free e-book.

Click here to get the free download.

And let me make this perfectly clear: It’s free and you may copy and send this pdf to as many people as you like. Send it to everyone you know who doesn’t love their job or who could use a little more happiness at work.

Did I mention that it’s free?


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Alexander, Arlette, Patricia and Jon from Projekt Arbejdsglæde wish you a very happy day!

4 thoughts on “Materials from my keynote at Talks 2.0 in Portugal”

  1. As the speakers’ manager for Talks 2.0 let me first start by thanking you for your kind words and positive feedback about the event.

    It was a great honour having you keynote at the conference! You brought exactly the messages and style that we were looking for: positive, energizing, informal, stimulating interaction between the audience!

    Feedback on your talk has been amazing. I’m sure the event wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    Looking forward to the next opportunity of having you in Porto again :)

    Stay Happy! Stay Creative! High 5, You Rock!

  2. I really like these posts about creating a positive, happy, and creative work place. The youtube videos and the posts remind me of a book I read called “Great Work Great Career” by Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo. This blog post related to this book by having something to contribute to your work and creating a contribution statement that can intrinsically motivate you. Sharing this with your boss can greatly increase your relationship with them and a win/win scenerio is created. I’m a current college student studying HR and Org. Behavior and I plan on using this book and post like this in my career. Check it out.

  3. Everybody should listen to you at least once in their lifetime. It’s awesome to put things in the right perspective while giving an entertaining talk. Thank you for the happy moment and I hope you’ve enjoyed the city!

    Cheers. #h5yr

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