Want better work-life balance? Learn from Denmark!

Copenhagen Balance

3 of my fellow Danes, Camilla Kring, Vivi Bach Pedersen and Anders Raastrup Kristensen have written a report on how Danish businesses have become more productive by focusing on work-life balance.

This is how they open the report:

The future can be found in Denmark. In this report we show how some of the most successful companies in Denmark developed their business through an innovative, results-oriented focus on balancing employees’ work and private lives.

  • Denmark has a unique position in the world when it comes to balancing work and private life:
  • Denmark has one of the highest participation rates for women in the workforce. (75% of women are in the workforce).
  • Among all EU countries, Danish employees have the highest degree of influence over their work.
  • (85% of employees indicate that they have an influence on their work situation).
  • Danish employees have some of the world’s most flexible work conditions. (43% of employees can regulate their work hours to meet their private needs).
  • Danish employees have some of the best maternity/paternity leaves in the world (combined one year leave per child).

The crucial insight in the report is that work-life balance is not about sacrificing business goals for the employees’ well-being. In fact, a good work-life balance makes the company more successful and profitable.

Read the whole report here – it’s clearly very written and has many tips and ideas for workplaces all over the world who want to create a

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