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Meet Pawel, the CEO of IT company Lunar Logic in Poland. Unlike most CEOs he doesn’t have a fancy corner office. In fact, he has NO office. Here’s how it works:

A laptop desk, a bean bag and a recycled cardboard box Ė thatís all he needs to set up a flying office. He can usually be found in a few rooms in our office, shifting his spot couple of times a day. Or a week. The pattern changes. Not only because of a possible back pain Ė there are several reasons for him being in motion. Some of which have already changed our company.

I think it’s a great experiment. Does it work? Here’s what Pawel says:

I can grab my flying office in my hands and move it to the place where Iím needed or I feel like I can be helpful. I need just a bit of space in a corner or by the wall and done Ė a new office set up.

Surprisingly, sitting in the corner and almost on the floor has a few unexpected advantages . First, you need very little physical space, which means you will fit to almost any room (unless it is already packed beyond any healthy limits). Second, this way you become almost invisible, which definitely helps if your goal is to understand how the team functions, and not just scratch the surface.

Third, and arguably most importantly, you strip yourself from status symbols. Instead of a huge desk dubbed by your colleagues as the airstrip, a leather armchair and a locker just the simplest set that does the job.

All in all, youíre way more accessible and much less intimidating. Isnít that something every single leader should strive for?

Read all about it here to find out what his employees honestly think about it.

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  1. I love how these IT CEO’s operate – one day we’ll all be doing this, while looking back on our “office” days and wondering what we were thinking

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