Going green at Google

googleData centers like the ones run by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others consume huge amounts of energy and Google is taking the lead in making sure that the energy is renewable:

“Google is the most aggressive [tech company] in advancing a clean energy agenda, analysts say. Google has made 15 wind and solar investments totalling more than $1 billion.”

About 34 percent of Google’s operations are powered by renewable power.

“That’s through a combination of renewable resources that are in the utility areas that we operate, as well as the direct power procurements that we’ve done,” he said. “Our goal is to be 100 percent renewable powered.”

I respect Google greatly for this attitude. I also think that it’s one way for a company to make their employees a little happier at work. If you know that your workplace is actively working to minimize their ecological footprint or even to make the world a better place, that can bring a sense of pride and meaning to your work.

The poster boy in this area is of course Patagonia, who have committed their entire operation to improving the environment and donate 10% of their profits to environmental causes every year.

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One thought on “Going green at Google”

  1. Seriously admire any company going green, when it’s Google gives me even bigger smile. Let’s expect other techzilla’s also making the same move, world definitely would be a greener place.

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