Do you want to be a Chief Happiness Officer?

Here’s one of the next big things we’re working on: We want to create a training program for other potential Chief Happiness Officers.

We’ve been doing this work for corporate and government clients for over 10 years. We’ve spoken in over 30 countries and worked with organizations like IKEA, LEGO, IBM, Pfizer, Accenture, Oracle and many, many others.

In short, we have collected a lot of experience and knowledge on making workplaces happier – and we’d like to share that as widely as possible.

Here’s the idea: We will create a 4 or 5-day training some time in the first half of 2015. Possibly in Copenhagen (where we are), possibly in London or New York.

Space will be limited to approx. 25 people. We’re still working on pricing and exact timing.

The academy is for:

  • Managers and HR people who want to become internal CHOs inside their organization.
  • Consultants/speakers who want to build a business creating happier workplaces.

Happy at work in CuracaoThe content of the training will include:

  • The theory and science of happiness at work. Everything we do is based on research from psychology, neurology, sociology, management science, etc. We will give you an overview of the most relevant findings from these fields and how they apply in the workplace.
  • The practice of happiness at work. We will share all of our favorite tools and interventions, so that you can then use them yourselves.
  • Presenting happiness. We will work on your presentation skills, specifically aimed at giving you tips and tricks on how to present on happiness at work.
  • Measuring happiness at work. How do you measure happiness at work, so that you can document progress from your work.
  • How to sell this to others. How do you sell the idea of happiness at work – either inside your own organization or to potential clients.
  • Pitfalls and traps. What can go wrong? What must you avoid? How and why do happiness interventions fail?

As part of the training we will share many of our materials – including master slide decks, interventions, tools, articles and more so that you will get a ton of tools to use right away.

After the training, we will create a network so we can continue to learn from each other and develop new and better ways of creating happy workplaces.

We can safely say that being a CHO is challenging but also one of the most fun and rewarding jobs in the world :) It’s not for everyone – it takes a lot of creativity and courage to go up against established thinking – but the world needs more of us. Which is why we’re doing this.

Are you interested? Do you want to be a Chief Happiness Officer? Please fill out this form and we will keep you updated as we develop this:

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If you have any questions or suggestions, you can also leave those in the comments.

51 thoughts on “Do you want to be a Chief Happiness Officer?”

  1. The content of the training looks great, and I especially appreciate the creation of a network of people focused on creating happy workplaces. Looking forward to hearing more details about this!

  2. Yes! I have been working for 15 years in a toxic workplace!

    I want to make a difference!

    (actually I already started and I have interesting stories! :) )

  3. I would love more information! Sounds like a great idea for social change in the work environment.

  4. This is very exciting! I’ve been reading your blog since 2010, when I was a frustrated high school teacher. Now I’m a happy corporate trainer for an international company and your blog was one of my main inspirations. Thank you for the work you do.

    I would love to be a part of this, incorporating it into the many behavioural skills courses I teach. Keep me posted!

  5. I am interested in this training and even more in the network idea. Please inform me about the training.

  6. I would love to join! Copenhagen looks perfect seen from Brussels. please keep me posted…

  7. I would very much like to hear a lot more about it and could very much be interested in being a Chief Happiness Officer.

  8. I would definitely be interested! As you know, I have started my own business focussing on employee happiness and am currently reading and discovering all I can to be able to help creating Happy Workplaces. So I would love to join. And let me know if I can help in any way!

  9. ‘Chief Happiness Officer’… could there possibly be a more desirable title for your business Card? I’d love to attend the course and look forward to futher info!

  10. I would LOVE TO! It can be 6 or 7 days too :)
    Although Cph sounds amazing, NY seems more possible to people living outside Europe (I’m from South America)

  11. This sounds amazing! Thanks for thinking of this and sharing this with all of us. I am definitely interested in partaking next year. Currently, I am my company’s “Happiness Engineer” cultivating my company’s culture– so CHO is very in line with what I do every day. I’ve even considered calling myself CHO sometimes. Would love to connect more with you about this.


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