CHO Academy is happening. Tell us how.

As we previously announced, we’re creating a training program for other potential Chief Happiness Officers.

Just to recap:
It will be a 4 or 5-day training some time in the first half of 2015. Possibly in Copenhagen (where we are), possibly in London or New York. Space will be limited to approx. 25 people. We’re still working on pricing and exact timing.

The academy is for:

  • Consultants/speakers who want to build a business creating happier workplaces.
  • Managers and HR people who want to become internal CHOs inside their organization.

Danish leaders visit Innocent Drinks

But we have some questions for you. Please write a comment and give us your opinion on the following.

WHERE would you prefer we have it? You get to choose from Copenhagen, London and New York.

Approximately WHEN would work best for you? Pick a month in the first half of 2015.

WHICH TOPICS would you like to see covered? This is what we’re thinking of including:

  • The theory and science of happiness at work. Everything we do is based on research from psychology, neurology, sociology, management science, etc. We will give you an overview of the most relevant findings from these fields and how they apply in the workplace.
  • The practice of happiness at work. We will share all of our favorite tools and interventions, so that you can then use them yourselves.
  • Presenting happiness. We will work on your presentation skills, specifically aimed at giving you tips and tricks on how to present on happiness at work.
  • Measuring happiness at work. How do you measure happiness at work, so that you can document progress from your work.
  • How to sell this to others. How do you sell the idea of happiness at work – either inside your own organization or to potential clients.
  • Pitfalls and traps. What can go wrong? What must you avoid? How and why do happiness interventions fail?

WHAT would make this the best and most valuable training you’ve ever attended?

Please write a comment below and share your thoughts on these questions or anything else about the CHO Academy.

And if you haven’t already, you can sign up to stay informed about the training here:

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16 thoughts on “CHO Academy is happening. Tell us how.”

  1. Regarding the place, I prefer Europe (otherwise I won’t attend).
    Regarding the time – March/April/May
    Regarding the topics, I think practice & selling / defending against old management views are the most important things (remembers, humans don’t work well with statistics and their cognitive biases are powerful. How to overcome a boss who thinks people work better when he yells at employees, and do not realize that the short burst of performance has nothing to do with the yelling). How to begin, how to reinforce, pitfalls and traps. What to do with people that just can’t be happy in this specific job/role/environment? And how to be happy at consulting others in happiness (if we are not happy in our job, we’ll ultimately fail in delivering happiness to others)

  2. New York – Best time for me is April or May

    Your topic line-up sounds amazing! My favorite type of training is experiential – let’s learn and practice the happiness at work techniques so we can embody them and teach others from that place! Looking forward to hearing more about your plans and how I can be a part of the training!

  3. Although I do LOVE Cph,
    New York is by far the most accessible to me as I’m from Chile
    So NY, April or May
    About the topics, more than theory I would like it to be more practical rather than a class, to be an unforgettable experience..
    where we can learn/practice tools to transform us, so then we can get back home and start transforming other people!
    How to sell this to others sounds very useful to me atm also :)

  4. Europe would be best for me.
    Avoiding April/early May if possible.
    Your content list is really interesting. Maybe something in addition around building a business case to sell the benefit of “happiness” at work – so the figures behind “How to sell this to others” (i.e. % reduction in absences, % increase in productivity etc)
    And how about something on resilience for CHO’s – how to look after yourself while looking after others?
    Many Thanks

  5. Where: 1. CPH, 2. London, 3 NY
    WHEN: May or June
    Topics: Lots of research back up to truly understand the benefits & experiences case studies and playing.
    What I find really challenging with Happy Hour 9-5 is to make people take it seriously – maybe a culture topic – how to combat negativity towards the subject and suspicion.
    Otherwise it sounds really great!

  6. I would prefer Copenhagen. I am especially interested into practical ways to bring happiness in the workplace. The theory on positive psychology is widely available these days (is any of you folowing the MOOC from Berkley by the way, would love to share onthis one). Timing is april or may. Hope to meet you soon.

  7. Dear Alex,

    I would appreciate if you can arrange an online course regarding the topic in the near future maybe shortly after the first live course.

    Greetings from Turkey,


  8. Where? 1) CPH 2) London
    When? March or April
    Topics? How to keep up the good job when people think that it will dissapear if they ignore it… :) And then practice practice practice!

  9. Where? 1) CPH 2) London (Not sure I’ll make NY…)
    When? March or early April
    Topics? a) How to hold on when people think it disappears if the just ignore it
    b) practice practice practice
    Best regards, I’m so excited =8-D

  10. I’m so excited about this Academy, and the topics seem spot on!!
    Where: New York would be my first choice
    When: May or June
    Specific topic interests: (1) Building the business case for why happiness matters in the workplace and dealing with the “haters” who don’t (yet) value happiness, (2) How to promote this kind of service/consultation in the business world and make a living being a Chief Happiness Officer, (3) Establishing and maintaining your credibility as a CHO … identifying, evaluating and staying on top of the relevant research, how to continue to grow as a professional … what professional development activities should a CHO participate in, etc., (4) Maintaining your own happiness levels … self-care.
    How: Case studies, experiential learning and opportunities for juicy discussion works for me. Opportunities to have some mentoring would be helpful too.
    Good luck as you continue your planning. I look forward to hearing more about this Academy.

  11. When: I can’t wait for it, so the sooner the better. If you’re planning this Academy in first half of 2015, I’d say March or April is best option.
    Where: Copenhagen or London (or anywhere else in Europe).
    How long: Depends on topics covered, but with all real cases and practical approaches between 4-7 days.
    Topics: CHO as an actual job position in company (and how to place yourself as such one?)? CHO as a profession (to develop own consulting business)? Measuring happiness at work and tools for a professional CHO (research, data-analysis etc.)? Happiness at work – more details about benefits described in book “HHI9T5”. New Some new practical cases.
    In addition, if you need some extra help, contact me for volunteering.
    Plus, I like the idea about an extra online workshop (1-2 hour live stream session), in 2014, if possible.

  12. I would prefer Europe, with Copenhagen as the first choice.
    The practical introduction of happiness at work and how this will have a positive ROI for the Company. Especially how to maintain a spontaneous focus, without ending up with a ‘mandatory’ happiness.

  13. Venue: Copenhagen. It is a Danish company, a Danish idea (although I recognize that others around the Globe are working with similar ideas), the word arbejdsglæde only in the Nordic languages. I think it would be great to have Copenhagen as the center of this concept. So many other things are going on in London and New York

  14. My preference would be, in order, New York, London, then Copenhagen. As for timing, any time from April to June would work for me. I would like to see discussions/education on programs to educate employees on the importance of hapiness at work, how to empower each other and make the necessary changes, changing the mindset of the current employee, and ultimately sustaining that mind set change. in addition to that, are there other programs or practices to support happiness at work for all employees (e.g., recognition). I think the current proposed agenda is a healthy start and I’m truly looking forward to this academy. Thank you.

  15. I would prefer NYC.
    April or May would be great.
    I, too, enjoy experiential learning, and I would love to hear about success stories of how people have used these practices and tools in companies. Thank you!

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