3 Things Your Workplace Can Learn from Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation - Season 7

The TV show Parks and Recreation recently ended and while I was sad to see it go, the final episodes were awesome and very satisfying.

I have admired the show for a while not just for being very funny and moving but also for how much the cast and crew obviously loved their work.

Here are 3 lessons any workplace could stand to learn from the cast of Parks and Rec.

3: Have someone nice at the top

In this clip Chris Pratt talks about the positive atmosphere they had on the set and how that started with their biggest star (#1 on the call sheet) Amy Poehler.

2: Give people freedom to screw up

Here the cast talk about the freedom they have to improvise lines because the set is “a super-safe environment” as Jim O’Heir who plays Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry on the show puts it.

I love that – it reminds me of an article I wrote previously about Why You Should Celebrate Mistakes at Work.

1: Praise each other

Here are two clips from a late night show where the cast plays a game in which they have to toast each other in 20 seconds.

Could your team do something like this?

I think we all know that the world of movies and TV is not necessarily very happy. Just for contrast, here’s a list of movie co-stars who hated each other’s guts.

So to see a group of people who clearly love each other  working together to create something amazing is all the more encouraging and I think there are some lessons here for workplaces all around the world.

6 thoughts on “3 Things Your Workplace Can Learn from Parks and Recreation”

  1. Everyone could learn from Parks and Rec. It’s funny how the show itself is so positive but the cast also seems to have a great time filming.
    I loved the final and I am really sad to see this show go. It was really uplifting to see such different characters with big ambitions and their very own definition of happiness. There should be more shows like this one .

  2. Freedom to screw up! That’s the one I love and promote myself. Fear of even attempting to try something new at work is the last thing any of your employees need, creative freedom to try new things out is all part of progression both for your team and your business.

  3. Yes! Love this show. My favorite moments were always the enduring positivity even in the face of obstacles and cynicism.

  4. I think a workplace can’t give freedom of screw up to the workers, doing so means kicked from the job. However, your idea for workplace is pretty awesome for motivating workers, engaging them on work and staying always positive.

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