The first Woohoo Academy was a huge hit. Want to join us for the next one?

WoohooAcademy-2392We just had our first ever Woohoo Academy – a 3-day in-depth training for anyone who wants to learn all about happiness at work – and it was a smash hit.

12 people from 7 countries came to Copenhagen for it. The group was a mix of happiness consultants who can use the content in their work with clients and CEOs and HR managers who can apply it to make their own workplaces happier.


Here’s some of what they had to say about the training:

The Woohoo Academy was, without a doubt, the best training I have ever experienced (and I’ve participated in many trainings). It was very well organized, and provided the latest research, practical strategies and opportunities to engage in many meaningful experiential activities. I also have to mention Alex’s passion and enthusiasm for happiness at work, which I found highly contagious. The training provided me with a much richer understanding of why happiness at work is vital to the success of employees and companies, and also with the how of creating happiness at work. I feel incredibly inspired and that my training dollars were well spent. I highly recommend this training to anyone who feels the calling to create happier workplaces.

– Danielle, Canada

I have attended many motivational and leadership courses over the past 20 years and never came out with so much clarity as after this course. It was interesting with so many nationalities, experiences and angles to the same topic.
The value vs time spend for me was immense as my entire organisation over 100 people will benefit directly.

– Monika, Czech Republic

My main reason for going to the course was to got a broader perspective on happiness at work. I wanted to learn more about the theory behind joy, people, work, meaning and succes in businesses. The course gave me a lot of confidence on this topic and I’m convinced that within a copple of years this will be a very important part of leading a business.

– Tamara, Netherlands

For me, this Academy was a huge pleasure too. It let me take a deep dive into many of the things we’ve learned about happiness at work over the years, which I find incredibly fascinating, but which I rarely get a chance to share because it goes into more depth than most of our clients need.

Also, the group that came for this training were all smart, engaged people with a real passion for happiness at work. And they were all incredibly nice. As I mentioned at the Academy, you don’t get a lot of jerks coming to this kind of training. They’re probably across town at the business school learning all about business strategy :)

And finally – everyone passed the training and I got a real sense that the participants got the knowledge, tools and energy they need to make a real difference where they are – inside their own organizations or as consultants/coaches/speakers.

We are currently planning the next Academy for this winter and we’re going to have that one somewhere in North America. Sign up here if you might be interested and we’ll let you know as soon as we have the exact time and place.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the Academy:

Most of these pics are by Douglas Robar. More pics from the Academy here.

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  1. Hi there,
    I currently live and work in Germany as a career coach and independent career consultant (in a beautiful city of Heidelberg) and would love to be kept informed about your next academy in Europe. Sanja Stevic

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