How to create happiness at work with 8 Golden Retriever puppies

We are always looking for cool new ways to create happiness at work, and one of our clients just came up with one that is not only fun but without a doubt the cutest we’ve seen so far.

We got this email from Mikkel from Advice, one of our clients in Denmark:

I work at Advice – a communications company with 120 employees. We recently booked a keynote with Arlette from Woohoo Inc. which gave us a lot of inspiration to increase happiness at work with big and small initiatives throughout the company.

One coworker was particularly inspired by the idea of doing random acts of workplace kindness, so she persuaded her team leader to let her arrange a happiness café one regular grey October afternoon.

Here, coworkers found 8 cute Golden Retriever puppies as well as coffee and a huge cake buffet. Everyone got a chance to pet and play with one of the cute little furballs and the event was “the talk of the town” all over the company.

What a cool and fun idea. Here are some more photos to give you a sense of the event:

Would this work in your workplace? Have you ever done something similar? How do you create happiness at work?

Write a comment and share your best ideas.

One thought on “How to create happiness at work with 8 Golden Retriever puppies”

  1. Hi, I agree. A random act of kindness does wonders. It need not be just at Charity work but also within workplaces helping co-workers. Anyone can spend at least 5 minutes in a day to approach another desk and share their expertise or help the other person.
    When you give, there is happiness and joy. It lessens your burden. There is clarity in your thinking. Just as an example, the leadership team can also arrange for a surprise luncheon outside for all employees. Employees can also be trained at handling and managing workplace conflicts. I feel this is another big area to be dealt with for workplace happiness. Happiness is effervescent and is contagious.

    Having said that, happiness at work is also within you. We cannot expect external factors affect us for better or for the worse. When we starting loving our work and do it with sincerity and commitment, there is happiness at the end of the day. There is a kind of fulfillment.

    It is also about holistic living and having a effective work life balance. When you are happy at home and with your family, the same mood reflects in the workplaces as well.
    Nice blog post. Enjoyed reading through it. So true. Thank you. Cheers, Ramkumar

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