Help me name my next book

I need a great title for my next book on Leading with Happiness.

The book explains why and how leaders should lead in a way that improves happiness for themselves, employees, customers and the world. Read more about it here.

So far I’ve just been calling the book Leading with Happiness (and that kinda works) but maybe there’s a better, more eye catching and more fun title out there?

As you know, business books tend to to have a title and a subtitle. Here are some titles I really like:

  • Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for your People like Family
  • The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized workplace and surviving one that isn’t
  • The Customer Comes Second: Put your People First and Watch’em Kick Butt
  • The Lazy Way to Success: How to do Nothing and Accomplish Everything

The title itself is short and inspiring and the subtitle explains what the book is about.

So please give me your best ideas for a book title in a comment below.

15 thoughts on “Help me name my next book”

  1. Happy leading: Creating a happy workplace and watch it flower
    Happiness as a tool: Develop a workplace and have fun at the same time
    The fun way to success: Creating happiness at work is lucrative, ethical and awesome
    Feelings in focus: Use the power of happiness to create a thriving enviroment and boost productivity

  2. ‘Misery Doesn’t Love Company’ as title or subtitle to ‘Happiness Leadership’

  3. Happy Company, Prospering Company

    How to get the best out of you and your people while enjoying the process

  4. The Happy Workplace: How trickle-down happiness will improve the level of employee morale in your organisation, and raise productivity.

  5. Arbejdsglaede!
    Leading with Happiness results in Success – improving yourselves, employees, customers.

  6. 1. Let happiness leads in your life
    2. Happiness – you are the Leader!
    3. Be a leader of happiness
    4. The result – Happiness leads

  7. Sorry Alex that I’m not taking time to boil my reflections down into form you requested. I’ll share for what it’s worth ; )

    Not sure how these words might work but Future Culture are two words that I’ve been preoccupied with around concepts of leadership and education/learning…part of the thinking is that rate of change is accelerating so quickly that it’s critical that we have future in mind if we want there to be a future at all.

  8. I am also an employee in an MNC I worked in others too. I found one common problem with most of the managers that they are never happy with their teams. Do you know why? because their team members are happy and they can’t see this. This is a very strange situation.

    I am from India and I see this problem here most of the time. Not only team managers even I see it at very senior levels some times.

    A smile on a face of a leader always motivates others as it indicates that all is fine and if something going wrong we will fix it, nothing to be worried.

    I suggest you a title should be :

    “Why are you not happy? And why you should be a happy leader.”


    Thank you for asking suggestions.

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