I need your feedback on the back cover text for my new book

This is the first draft I wrote for the back cover of my new book, Leading with Happiness. Do you like it? Would you read this book? Any suggestions?

Here it is:

What if there was more to leadership than maximizing business results, whatever it takes?

Drawing on fascinating research from psychology, brain science and philosophy, this book will show you why leaders are more successful when they put happiness first – for themselves, for their employees, for their customers and for the wider world.

Learn from some of the best and happiest leaders in business, arts, politics and the military, including:

  • The symphony conductor who knows that happy musicians play better music
  • The company founder who got much better results when he stopped being a jerk and started being happy
  • The industrial CEO who had to unlearn everything he’d been taught about leadership to create a happy and successful manufacturing giant
  • The nuclear submarine captain who stopped giving orders
  • The IT executive who brought his company out of a major crisis by focusing on his employees’ happiness

Using these lessons, your leadership can become a force for good, creating better business results and a better world.

7 thoughts on “I need your feedback on the back cover text for my new book”

  1. Hi Alexander
    I think it works very well. I would certainly read the book.
    A thought – most business leaders seem stuck in a mindset of ‘maximising business results’ . Your opening sentence may be misconstrued by some as being against ‘maximising business results’.
    Maybe consider something like ‘what if there is a better leadership path to maximising business results?’

  2. I would definitely read this book. As an aspiring leader, how could I not? Thank you for writing it!

  3. Im looking forward to getting my hands on your new book. I believe that it will compliment the Happy Hour is 9-5 theme.

  4. I love it and would definitely want to read it. I love the look – simple and to the point; happy colour and effective branding. I love the title well done! The text below seems a bit long at first but everything in it is important, so it all works well. I would have loved to highlight the word phenomenal somehow but because of the word business in-between, I agree with only highlighting results in the end. Wishing you great success with this new book. I loved the first one and am sure I will love this one at least just as much! Cant wait for it. Best wishes.

  5. Change this
    “What if there was more to leadership than maximizing business results”
    “What if there was more to leadership than focus about profits”

    Words “business results” not have precise meaning.

  6. I certainly appreciate your approach! Somehow the old adage, “If you are having fun at work, then you are not working hard enough” seems to make its way into certain environments! I have found when working in pleasant places, I can relax and be me. My employer consistently gets my best.

    This is such a wonderful refreshing approach, my concern, it must come from the top down…How do we convert the ones on the top to enjoying seeing people happy at work? I will be looking for your book indeed!

  7. Hi Alexander, two comments which I hope are helpful:
    1) I don’t understand the ending of your strapline (whatever it takes). Do you mean to encourage the reader to be truly open to whatever it takes to achieve better leadership for better results?
    2) I love your list of real examples. The lengthier ones need to be shorter and snappier – faster to read and digest.

    Good luck with the book!

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