7 thoughts on “Happy workplaces wanted”

  1. I’d recommend Foundation SP in the UK & Spain. They have an amazing ethos and attitude to whole life brilliance for employees.

  2. TCG, Inc., in Washington, D.C., is an unusual government IT contractor in that it is a happy place to work. We help the government better serve American taxpayers, and we have fun doing it.

  3. Id love you to include Seniors Helping Seniors . The organisation is a an elderly care in the community company. The company provides older people with flexible work local well paid work and their job is to keep elderly people living well and happily in their own homes. Great ethos throughout . Smiles and gratitude all round :)

  4. I nominate WebPunch out of Denver, CO. They operate a remote team and have based an employee happiness program that is based off the 7 principles of happiness. They have an amazing retention rate too!

  5. How about Personal Group? We work to make sure that every workplace in the UK is happy- as well as our own employees! We know that happy people are more productive, so we work hard with businesses up and down the UK to demonstrate the power of a happy, productive workforce!

  6. Almoosa specialist hospital, Ahsa , Saudi Arabia
    those people are amazing they empower us as employees in many different ways
    they initiated an employee wellness program in addition to a happiness committee to provide happier options for their employees

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