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First reviews of Happy Hour is 9 to 5

Happy Hour is 9 to 5The first reviews from readers of my just-published book about happiness at work Happy Hour is 9 to 5 are coming in and people seem to love it. Yaaaaay!

Sheldon Cooke says:
“…by far one of the most refreshing books on work culture that I’ve ever seen.”

Lars Pind says:
“I just purchased my copy, and it’s looking really good… It’s easily worth the $19 price tag for the PDF version.

stic writes:
“…the tips & tricks and recommendations will certainly take you closer to this euphoria.”

Read all about the book, read it free online and buy it here.

If you’ve read it, you can also add your own review.

First interview(s)

I announced yesterday that I would love to do an interview about happiness at work for your blog, and Mike MacLeod was the first to take me up on it.

He asked 10 great questions and you can see the whole interview here.

Update: Andrew Ferrier posts another interview here.

Update update: And Erno Hannink posts his interview – complete with silly picture.

Uodate[3]: Can lawyers be happy at work? Read the interview by Anastasia at the Lawsagna blog.


Happy Hour is 9 to 5My book is out.

Happy Hour is 9 to 5
How to Love Your Job,
Love Your Life and
Kick Butt at Work

It has everything you need to take your job from crappy to happy. From drudgery to luxury. From “shove it” to “love it”. From… I’ll stop here.

I was up until one o’clock last night finishing everything and today I’m in turns ecstatic, excited and … and nervous as hell. Will people like it? Will they buy it? Will they read it if they buy it? Half the time I’m sure this is the book that will wipe Dan Brown of the map, half the time I fear it won’t sell a single copy. I may be exaggerating slightly here, but you know what I mean :o)

Anyway: Read all about it. You can buy the book on paper, as a PDF or read it free online.

Notice anything different?

The site got a new look in preparation for… drum roll please…


Yes, this wednesday you’ll be able to read and/or buy my book “Happy Hour is 9 to 5” right here on the site.

The new design for the site was created by blog consultant extraordinaire Jacob Bøtter of Connecta. Thanks Jacob. If you’re in need of some corporate blog consulting, talk to Jacob or Hans Henrik – they know their stuff!

A question for ya: Back cover text

BookI’m writing the text for the back cover of my book. How does this sound:

Work used to be tough and unpleasant – something we did only to make a living. This is changing.

Today, happiness at work is no longer a luxury – it’s essential. People who love their jobs are more productive, creative and motivated. They’re also happier in life. Happy companies are more efficient, innovative and more profitable than their unhappy competitors.

Anyone can be truly happy at work – whether you are an employee or a manager; a new hire or a grizzled veteran; work in a small startup, a huge corporation or the public sector; this book will give you everything you need to make work fun, inspiring and energizing:

  • The theory of happiness at work. What it is, why it matters, and what makes people happy or unhappy at work.
  • Simple, effective tools that you can use to create a better worklife for yourself and a happier workplace.
  • A massive dose of energy to get you to do something about it right here and right now.
  • A specific plan to get you great results.

Only you are responsible for your happiness, so it’s up to you to read Alexander Kjerulf’s “Happy Hour is 9 to 5? and find out what steps you can take to make yourself, your colleagues, and your staff happier at work. The book’s knowledge, tips, and real-life case studies will equip and inspire you to change your working life for the better.
– Angela Beesley, co-founder of Wikia

Happy companies will win. Happy companies will grow and happy companies will innovate. The company of the future is—happy.
– Lars Kolind, chairman of the Grundfos Foundation

A question for ya: Marketing my book

Happy at work bookYesterday I finished the happy at work book, updating it according to all the great feedback you guys gave me. Thank you to everyone who read a chapter, and gave me their input. Today the book goes out to proofreading and then it’ll be done.

Now I have a question for ya: How do I market and sell the book?

Here’s what I’m currently thinking of doing:

  • The book will be available in pdf for $20 and on paper from and amazon for $30.
  • I’ll give away 100 electronic copies of the book to the first 100 bloggers who sign up to ask for one. (Don’t sign up yet, there’ll be an official announcement later.)
  • I’ll contact all the bloggers that write about happiness at work or similar topics and offer them a free copy of the book as well as the chance to do an interview with me.
  • I’ll advertise the book in the sidebar here on the blog and at the end of every post.
  • I’ll be posting excerpts from the book as blogposts.
  • I’ll make the whole book available for free as html here on the blog.

What else can I do to make the book a huge hit? Write a comment!