Eurogel 06Eurogel, the first european edition of the GEL conference, is happening in Copenhagen on august 31st and september 1st. Read all about it.

What the heck is GEL? Good question!

Short for “Good Experience Live”, Gel is a conference, and community, exploring good experience in all its forms — in business, art, society, technology, and life.

The goal of the conference is to create an environment that allows our multi-disciplinary community to explore the idea of “good experience” in a variety of contexts.

Previous participants say GEL is:

  • Unexpectedly extremely relevant to how I approach my everyday job
  • A way to learn from, and meet, the people who will be changing the world next year
  • Inspiring, Exciting, Energizing
  • The most unique “conference” experience I have ever known. The thought provoking nature of the event must be witnessed in order to fully appreciate the impact

The people I know who’ve been to the American Gel’s all say it’s amazing, inspiring, weird and wonderful.

I’ll definitely be there and I’ll also be conducting a pre-GEL-event on august 31st (more on that later)! What are you waiting for – sign up for EuroGEL already! You know you want to :o)

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