Please help – I need a Danish title for my book

Happy Hour is 9 to 5I’m busy reviewing the Danish translation of my book. It’s a bit of a chore but the nice thing about it is that I get to read my own book in my native language for the first time – a nice if somewhat surreal experience.

I wrote the book in English in 2006 and it’s now been translated into Danish and will be published here in Denmark in April.

So now I need a Danish title for the book because the “Happy Hour” metaphor does not really fly in Danish.

Apparently, my brain lacks the particular area responsible for coming up with names for stuff, and you guys came through beautifully for me when I needed a title for my book in English, so please, let me hear any idea you may have!

I need a title and a subtitle for the book, and I’d like a title that grabs people’s attention and creates an immediate mental image or connection. Bob Sutton has a post on Sticky Book titles, including The 4-hour Workweek, Orbiting the Giant Hairball, Guns, Germs and Steel and of course his own excellent, excellent book The No Asshole Rule.

Those titles all do just that. So… any ideas for me?

15 thoughts on “Please help – I need a Danish title for my book”

  1. What about “arbeitsgjlade” – sorry I’ve no Danish and I can’t spell the word for “happiness at work”!

    Or something like “we have a word for happiness at work”!


  2. I don’t know Danish, but how about something like ‘vacationing at work’ ? or ‘get paid to be happy’ ? or ‘enjoying your job’ ? Don’t get too hung up on ‘happy’ – there’s lots of synonyms for it.

  3. Kenneth: I like the “full time” in your suggestion. And you may be right about the exclamation point :o) Dammit!

    PJ: Get paid to be happy – there’s definitely something there. “Get happy and get paid”?

    Gareth: Yes! I like bringing “Your reponsibility” in there!

  4. I’m crazy about the first one “Arbejdstid er Gladtid”. It’s excately one that makes you smile! :-)

    I do have a few other suggestions, though:


  5. Perhaps something about allowing yourself and those around you to be happy at work…
    Would you please translate the one that actually makes you smile? I would definitely love to read that one and actually understand it! LOL

    Oh, and BTW, Alex I quit my job! and now I am officially a Life Planner! Cool Huh? And that is my job title too, not only what I do!

  6. I absolutely LOVE Arbejdstid er Gladtid!!! (possible translation: Worktime is Happytime). I was about to suggest a few other titles, but they all kind of crumble and fall apart compared to that one.

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